Cernunnos- my experiences

Something happened the other day when I was walking outside in a wooded trail alone. I prayed to Cernunnos in Nature, by prayer I go in meditative state and communicate with thoughts and I was really blown away that was rather a little dramatic but awesome by His response when I said i asked to be made His son, a child the Horned Lord. When I asked for this… The wind blew, sun shine through clouds and I heard a crow caw literally. A little dramatic but I needed it at the time.

I felt His presence so strongly to my request. It’s like when we ask for the right things, all else will follow because asking for things that’s not according to your path usually won’t work when using Magick because those things aren’t in alignment with your True Will.

All my life… I felt like I never belonged , I felt exiled and wandered. Unable to find my roots. At this point that’s changed.

That moment when I started to feel in my body and awake within His presence.

What’s important is here I’ve learned Cernunnos exists in all of organic Nature so if you “pray” to Him he responds and you feel it in your own self responding. This should be evident of the “divine DNA” in all of earth and it’s living beings. Blessed are the Children of the Horned One. This is what happened to me. I felt an energy rise up in me and I felt really grounded. Mind you other people may experience a different god/goddess through nature.

What I asked for, He seemed so delightful in my request. I was blessed. A lot of things happened in my personal life I didn’t expect. Very good things.
Was obviously a time for initiation. So for now, my path is the Hermit. Going within. Because it’s during these times that it’s not really wise at least for me to share every single detail of such sacred experiences for you shouldn’t throw pearls before the swine. I realize these experiences can make another intensely jealous and respond with such spite. I’m not sure why people have a cow about it others experiences it’s like they think I’m discrediting or invalidating theirs.
So this is the only experience I will share about Cernunnos.

So I must learn to walk this path alone. I honestly wish I could share with others but it does cause concerns for me for how the profane will try to attack and discredit or invalidate my experiences.

But the point in asking to become His son was to acknowledge Him in MYSELF. Cultivating the divine spark.

The purpose in sharing this is because I am delighted to share with others that too , they can experience their own gnosis as well with their path or patron/matron, etc