Cernunnos Financial Spell

Hey guys, in the interest of brutal honesty I haven’t cast this yet but Cernunnos gave me this spell this am and wants me to share it with you. It’s my reward for honoring him last night on the full moon:

Earth rise to meet my feet,

All my needs thy doth replete,

Abundance flows and coffers fill,

Journeyed over an obstacle hill,

Riches rise from the ground below,

Wealth and prosperity doth surely flow,

Come forth in the name of the Wild King,

To his name I surely sing,

King of the Forest hear my calls,

As we blow these blocking walls,

Earth rise to meet my feet,

All my needs thy doth replete.

Things you need:

3 green candles inscribed with his sigil (the sun with a crescent crown).
1 lancet - you need to anoint these candles in the blood of a witch/your blood
Drums - pull up shamanic drums on youtube.
honor him and his call.

Let me know how it works out, I am going to cast this myself and see what happens!

Be safe guys!


Thanks for sharing


You’re very welcome.

I hope everyone who does this shares their results here <3

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OP, what were YOUR results?


Just recently got a job (as in started today) after a year of nada. :slight_smile: it’s a small crack in the dam blocking my progress (I’m going through my Saturn return rn so shit is all sorta fucked sideways for me) but it’s a start. I will likely cast it again if I feel my progress is still blocked toward Samhain but it felt like a battering ram against what was walling me in.


Another update, the 6.5 hours shot up to 18 very suddenly with the likelihood I could be going full time soon lmao

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