CERN & the occult

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 So, for those science geeks out there (like myself to a certain degree) there has been news about the CERN facility.  For those of you who aren’t up to speed on largest particle accelerator (LHC-Large Hadron Collider) here is a link to read up on ( .  Anyways, from what I have read and learned, the 6,000 scientist there are basically shooting atomic particles at velocities close to the speed of light and then taking measurable readings as far as the particles generated from these collisions (i.e. Higgs-Boson particle, aka the “god particle”).  Scientist at the CERN laboratory also postulate that not only are they getting measurable readings of these tiny particles but that they may also be able to produce (or discover) miniature black holes that could potentially be formed during these high speed collisions, along with being able to produce small amounts (grams) of antimatter.  
 So with all the tests and particle collisions that they’ve been doing since April 2015 (and more to come in September of 2015), some people in the Christian religious community feel that what these scientist are doing is effectively ‘parting the veil’ of our reality and with another reality.  Some speculate that entities, demons, angels, little grey(or green) space men, or whatever are going to have access to our reality, or at least they will have a foot hold with which one could affect or cause effects within our dimensions more so than they do now.  Rumor has it that CERN has produced small amounts of antimatter and have attempted to store it at a university facility and allegedly while the antimatter was stored as said facility, the university had experienced ‘strange’ occurrences, violent encounters among the people at this university, and general disruption and chaos.  
 Now my question is this: Do any of you think or speculate that scientist today could in fact ‘part the veil’ with their LHC device.  And if so, what could potentially be the effects on our consensus reality?

I’m going to take it all with a grain of salt.

I mean,the particles that collide aren’t set in stone.They will always vary,as is the nature of experimentation,but many times,the collision is one of positrons and electrons,or other interactions of matter-antimatter.

So the idea that CERN has anti-matter is not new at all.

The idea of this being a ‘‘tearing of the veil’’ is a bit iffy to me.It’s coming from zealously religious Christians,who don’t seem to have much of a knowledge of Particle Physics,Quantum Electrodynamics,and other scientific fields that would involve understanding the nature of the collisions,nor the knowledge of metaphysics,mysticism,and other esoteric fields to understand the nature of tearings of the veil.

It’s very sad really.Their beliefs oppose both science and magick,and without either they couldn’t live,so they assume they know everything and make crackpot theories.While it’s impossible to call all Christians liars,it’s also hard to find good evidence for this.

For starters,a ritual does tear the veil to a degree.The Black Palm Chakra thing Dante Abiel teaches does just that.The spirits coming through is one of the results of a tearing of the veil,yet no one has been seeing spirits or hearing voices.Keep in mind that if this literally TORE the veil apart,the spirit’s materializations would be awfully more vivid than what we do.

Even then,though,there’d probably be more poltergeist activity at CERN.Weird stuff would be happening non-stop.Places where the veil is mostly torn,tend to be the cemeteries,haunted houses,weird grottos,etc. places known for some kind of poltergeist activity,for successful evocation and ritual work,or the ability to soul travel through it.

I just tried Soul Travelling to CERN in Switzerland,and while I’m really not the best with Soul Travel,I can say that I didn’t feel much.I’m sure some may disagree but for now this feels too…conspiracy-theory kind.

I’ve been pretty quiet lately as I have been on holiday. But, while here I’ve been studying this very topic. FWIW, MHO is there are people who can naturally tune into the frequency, vibration, energy of the universe. This is what we “tune into” for manifestations, evocations, communications, shamanism, divination, etc. The “static rain” is what the scientists are attempting to study.

Science is on the precipice of, at the least identifying or isolating this energy. Quantum computers will be the next big thing. Our knowledge level is going to increase exponentially in a very short period of time. The applications of this even more so. It will be interesting to see how this will play out in regards to those of us who can tap into this energy naturally.

Historically, most conventional religions are opposed, at least initially, to any new knowledge, advancements or progress that they then deem to be a threat to their very foundation. It’s almost as if that is who they are. Concrete thinkers.

I’m finding that there are too many synonyms for these major concepts, etc that it makes communicating a little difficult.

Here’s the deal about CERN.

There is a possibility that these scientists could cause a cataclysm of some kind by doing this. Starting in September, they will be colliding 300,000 particles a minute. They are hoping that doing this will create an effect that continues to build upon itself.

It’s no accident.

They can tell people that they’re trying to observe the conditions during the theoretical, unproven, no amount of evidence event called the “big bang”. This isn’t what is going on.

Why do you think there is a huge statue of Shiva outside of CERN?
Shiva. The destroyer of worlds. They know what they’re doing and it isn’t good. It’s like Jurassic park…Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. If they do succeed in opening a portal to another dimension, it was intentional.

As much as it pains me to admit it, the Christians are on to something this time. Sorry if this reply seems disjointed and strange but I’m trying to keep it brief. There’s really a ton of info. There’s so many things tied in with this machine/event that I could write volumes of books. And yes, the occult fits in there. Jade Helm, Saturn, metatron’s cube, jpl, NASA, Aleister Crowley, haarp, and the list goes on.

I know this sounds like a bunch of insane ramblings or “conspiracy theory” (a term invented by the CIA to discredit classified info) but I have done quite a lot of research on this topic. In fact, it’s an 8 hour a day job for me.


I can hardly wait.

The CERN project is nothing new. They have been working on it for years and so far, their experiments have not created a black hole with their particle accelerator large enough to destroy the earth. Many people believed back in like 2007 or there about, that the CERN project would destroy the earth and the apocalypse would begin, but just like the people that predict the world is going to end like, every damn year, people have been scared to death of the CERN project.

My UPG is that this world will not be PERMITTED to end, so take that as a further level of funhouse mirrors by all means :o) but there ya have it!

We came close to something very bad happening between 2003 - 2012 but, well, I won’t share too much lunacy but I’ve been told in prophecies that we’re not for the cosmic recycling bin any more.

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That’s interesting Lady Eva. I was told that too a while back, that’s why I am so dead set on correcting people when they say the world will end on a certain date.

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That’s strange you two would mention that. I was to believe there was an event to occur between 1989 and 1995. It was a staged event that got called off for some reason.

Lady Eva, if you have time, could you pm me a brief detail please? This is a major area of study for me.

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I usually try not to think about things like the Hadron collider because it keeps you worried, not knowing what may happen and life is too short to worry like that. But I would not be surprised if someone eventually tried to set up a fake apocolypse as an excuse to take control of the world. Seems like many people are so desperate for the world to end that if it were staged good enough, most would welcome it with open arms as the closest they will have to the real thing.

That’s no reason to ignore science, but I’m sure scientists do tons of dangerous experiments all the time and if we knew about it, most of us would feel like we were walking on eggshells. There was even mention of an experiment back in like 2008 or so, that they were going to use dna from a piece of fossilized amber to try and hatch a baby dinosaur from it. Not sure what happened with that, but now people believe there may be a Jurassic island somewhere containing dinosaur species.

Science is the tangible and material vehicle for man learning and discovering his own godlike powers. In a sense, science is a “socially acceptable” method for man to ascend to godhood. The whole advancements humans have made into DNA research and the almost unlimited creative potential it has given us is astounding and yes, it also has the potential to be very dangerous if not carefully and responsibly used. I came across an article today about a professor who not through DNA work but a creative grafting process created a hybrid tree that grows forty different types of fruit. This is still to me an example of humans using their own inherent “godlike” powers of creativity to design something new and unique.

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Yes, I don’t feel (or believe) that the CERN laboratory is going to destroy humanity in one motion (though deep down, I kind of wish they would! lol) with the LHC. Now staging a fake apocolypse, THAT IS something I could see a government entity doing and making the rest of humanity believe it through the various media outlets that control the masses.
As far as ‘weaponizing’ anti-matter that is produced, I also see that as an end goal for the LHC, even though the public is only aware of the research, I’m sure that somewhere along the line that a weapon could be fashioned using anti-matter as an incendiary material. As far as the cosmic recycle bin idea, I can accept that!! Humanity isn’t evolving in the manner that it should be (or at least in my opinion anyways) and I believe that we (or at least the majority of humanity) is on a de-evolutionary process that may eventually stratify our species greatly

Amazing article☆ Thx you Lady Eva