Ceremonial Robes

Hi all, I wanted to create a place where people could showcase their Occult clothing and ceremonial outfits. I myself attach great importance to ceremonial robes for my workings. The robes I am wearing in this picture are made for Taoist Weather Magick, they are embroidered with The Red Vermillion Bird symbolism across the borders which assists me in summoning wind from a Southern direction, it is especially effective during Summer due to the nature of the Red Bird, fiery and intense, with the element of fire, it relates to the heart and to the planet mars. The sub colour of black allows the robe to become a magnet for attracting good qi and converting it into the body for nourishment, black is also great for storms as it relates to dark thunderous clouds in weather magick.

The robes are very long, I’m quite tall and you can see how big they are. Some people complain that wearing thick robes makes them hot or uncomfortable during rituals, in my tradition, sweating during a ritual is actually beneficial as the sweat encourages rain to fall. I wear these for very challenging workings where a lot of energy is needed in order to make change to the external world. I would love to see your robes/Occult clothing.


I find my best work is usually performed using only my inherent powers, deep respect for the entities involved and wearing something akin to this…

The wellies of course are Louboutins…

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Interesting style!

I thought you were kidding at first
I had to double check

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