Ceremonial Magick differences?

Hey Koetting. Love your work. I was wondering if you would elaborate on the differences between the Demonic forces which are conjured from Ceremonial Magick and the demonic forces which are Evoked to manipulate our reality?

I hear people have literally been fried, when using Ceremonial Magick, through the sinister workings of the Demon and i was wondering whether these Demons exist in a completely different reality as some of the forces that you are working with as the descriptions of these beasts sounds bizarre.

I have also heard that people have been pulled in to an alternate reality not to be seen again. The story was as follows:
A few guys were following a 6 month Ceremonial Ritual. Whilst performing the conjuration they sacrificed blood and incense to give the entity appearance… The beast was a hideous black and had long tentacles and an indescribable appearance of that of a cockroach/prey mantis cross. All of a sudden the phone starts ringing and the Conjurer reaches out of the glowing magic circle to disconnect it when a tentacle reaches out and pulls him down into an unknown reality never to be seen again…
And there was no phone that rung, it was just a tactical illusion to catch the Conjurer off guard.

So i was wondering if these types of Ceremonial Magick are ones not to be dabbled in unless one is completely locked on, confident and most of all very experienced?

I was wondering if you had any story’s of people you know or heard from that have had bad happenings through the Black path also sir?

Keep up the good work Eric, You are doing some inspirational work.

P.S. That true story was from a man who reached the Vampirism levels of True Satanism.