What are your Experiences with the entity Cerberus?


He’s guarding the Gates of the underworld, he’s not so…friendly with strangers. The best way to work with him is through Hades himself as he is his “pet”. He’s way different with the one’s he knows.


Have you worked with him?


Since I describe him and tell you how to work with him… :slight_smile:


What are your experiences with him? What knowledge does he bring to the table? I have only worked with Nyx, Poseidon, Zeus, and The titans.


Nyx doesn’t seem to be able to do much but since working with her(my first successful evocation) shes done a whole lot more than i thought.


He knows the paths of the forbidden parts of the underworld so he can lead you there, but he will never do something without Hade’s approval. So even if you want to bypass Hades (go all sneaky etc), know that you’ll be tricked. You’ll have some nice fake experiences in the said “forbidden parts”.


Nyx is exceptionary good with oracles and can give advices and describe how the world was created. So, depends what you’re looking for. I’d say better chose a path and then pick the Gods who could help you the best and not the other way around.