This is a journal long that I’m sharing & hope (if) it can spark conversation that it’s honest, civil & enlightening.

As many things & actually all things, I feel that sex & sexuality are intergialy intertwined with spirituality & magic,band the related psychological components & formations involved within an individual & between persons is inseparable interwoven (and touch ever aspect of ones life & the life of others … on a plethora of levels).

While I myself am Sex-positive & feel that as long as it’s not between relatives & is between consenting adults & applicable persons which are best suited to each parties best health & well being … that sex can be a very spiritual & healing thing …band may even aid in ones path on the way to Spiritiual Enlightenment.

Yet - as we are all aware of here, sex just like psychology is & can be a very complex & complicated thing; especially when considering sexuality & personal histories & factors such as physical & emotional & mental health & capacities & capabilities.

I personally, for myself that is, see sex as being made into a far more bigger (greater & important) thing than it truly is & should be.

I’m not saying that sex can’t be fun & healing, nor should it be, nor am I saying that it shouldn’t be enjoyed beyond the purposes of reproduction (which I personally aught to be curbed, based on recent reproduction trends & poles … for a number of very good reasons, but should be done based on a personal decision, ibes iwn consciounce & never moderated or even promoted by any governmental of foreign agencies or parties beyond the parties which it initials… but still should be done & approached as an endeavor taken very serious).

That said: I personally am Qeer being On the Asexual & Homoromantic & Non-binary Spectrums.

That alone is a pretty hefty box to unpack & examine (which I have done already & still do from time to time) & explore, but for now let’s say “I don’t have the care nor energy to get into it right now”.

Personally, I practice Celibacy (though not Abstance) fir various reasons.
And while it is deeply & personally Spiritually Motivated & Involved … it is in no way motivated by any Religion or Religious vows or dedications … or such things.

I personally just don’t think sex is all that important & as far as I’m concerned … not at all important to me & my life. Sure, it can be fun & enjoyable but honestly it causes far too much anxieties when it’s with or involves others that it’s not worth it or healing, or even enjoyable (and there are a bunch of reasons for that).

That said, I may engage in a Once & a blue-moon tantric exploration & exercise, but I would much wrather reserve my personal sexual energies for such practices such as the tantric excercises of Kundalinie.

One could say that it’s a sex magic of sorts … and even a ritual sex practice … but only because it involves sexual energies … beyond that, considering it a sex (even solo) is debatable.

I do find that reserving any occasional sexual energies for energetic works & psychic works is a great booster for such practices (even for divination & energetic & physical healing. As it’s great full for when you’re trying to get the max results & performance from mental clarity & physical performance when coupled with complete sexual abstance).

This is why my Chi/Qui Energy seems to be able to be storehouses so easily, when sexual energies do arise.
Yet, just because one has sexual energies doesn’t mean they are necessarily directed at anyone persons or things (nor need be).

In fact sexual energies needn’t even come in the form of biological forces but in more complex emotional & psychological & spiritual forces often & most commonly referred to as “romantic”. These Romantic Forces needn’t be defined as any desire for sexual interactions or even fantasies (not even manifesting in dreams), but may manifest in more subtle, but at times far more profound ways & energies of affections & romantic love (void of sexual desires or longing for sexual intimacies or activities).

Thus Romantic Affections can still be classified as Mental & Spuritiual Sexual Energies … and affections … though not nesusarly your typical or mundanly physical.

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Sexual energy is life force which runs through our energy centers , which are responsible for emotions our mind our bodies functions and spiritual functions , when you release the energy it discharges a certain amount from these centers , that’s all it is

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Yup. Very well said.

Thank you @John_Wick

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