Celestial realm

Honestly I have no idea. All I know is that I had a tiny bit of it. And at one point I traded an old weapon for something another vendor wanted in exchange for a really nice astral sword. :dagger:

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I have only been there for 5 seconds, which felt like time did not exist anyways, but was rather in the moment of an out of body experience. My body and whole consciousness suddenly “turned off” and I remember feeling my whole body slacked before I left my body. I then saw crystalline colors glimmering ever so brilliantly and much white light was everywhere as well. I saw a being whose hand look like porcelain diamond crystals reach to me and held out his/her hand to me.


Is this the home of the light beings? Cuz many ppl have accidentally gone to the kingdom of the light beings but never been able to find it again. Is this it??? :smiley:

The highest currency that the lords that claimed lands are dream Crystal’s a form of astral crystal that holds power theres both light and dark to Angel’s light Crystal’s are hard to come by so they’ll take it same for the demons if you go more up the road you’ll see more transactions with these Crystal’s. The currency lower then that would be septims or coins made of white oak and gold

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I mean there’s many “celestial realms” in the astral plane, as many people tend to unknowingly create a space with their own ideas of what makes up one, or they all feed the idea of a pre-existing one within the astral which creates a overall “egregore” like realm based off the idea.