Celebrity symbology (Hollywood, Music Entertainment)

What does all these signs represent?

  1. The covering of one eye (**the eye of the antichrist as christians claim)

  2. The OK sign covering one eye (**666 as christians claim)

  3. The eye in the triangle (**Lucifer’s eye as christians claim)

Can somebody, please, explain to me? I’ve been searching for ages the meaning behind this symbols and their hand signs and gestures.

All I can find is your typical christian answers that they are satanists, luciferians, demon worshippers, illuminati and their sign gestures show their allegiance to Satan/Lucifer, working together to bring a new world order, a new religion and, of course, Satan’s son, the “Antichrist”

… all of these while they wear christian crosses on their necks and making Jesus and crosses tattoos on their bodies.

As you can see I’m not satisfied with these explications, since 99% of the mass-media, governments and churches are ruled via proxy by the rich jewish families and more than half of the planet’s religion is also dominated by jewish inspired religions (abrahamic religions).

It’s all a mess I can’t really explain. Maybe someone could explain the 3 signs above and their meaning?

Pic1: https://searchnewsglobal.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/32300-illuminati666a-oksignallseeingeyesymbolsatanicnumberoftheantichristbeast.jpg
Pic2: https://qph.fs.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-7d660f813ee800375add7ba2f8f7409f
Pic3: https://previews.123rf.com/images/mykate/mykate1611/mykate161100090/68961773-hand-drawn-vector-illustration-all-seeing-eye-pyramid-symbol-freemason-and-spiritual-vintage.jpg

In my country that means protesting against the weapons used by the police

I’ve never seen something claiming that that sign means 666. otherwise Crowley would have used it

People use it for memes, I’ve never seen it associated with Lucifer. However, in my country it also exists in the symbols of certain institutions of masonic origin that have nothing to do with demonolatry as far as I know, if they were following Lucifer, then I would sleep well knowing that my country is in good hands

Like the religion of this forum? Did you noticed that balg promotes Jewish stuff, because serious modern occultism comes from a fat English guy addicted to heroin who happens to be the best Qabalist of his century?

@MagusOfGamaliel interesting on the police protest aspect if you dont mind me asking which part of the world? I’ve always considered it a blind eye, or simply aesthetics of looking at your better half, the more pleasing side of the face.
The okay, well i feel like that itself in modern times is just silly. Its now a WP symbol according to the news, its apparently satanic as well, and its also the ball game for those in the school yard.
The eye of divine providence is in itself an ancient symbol and one that simply means that a higher power is above in guidance. To masons its GAOTU and can be any God or Deity, and none in specific.

But symbols themselves are just representations of our own design and nothing more, and even then that is purely subjective. I dated a girl who had the eye of thoth and horus on her body as well as upside down crosses (a classical orthodox catholic symbol) as well as Hindu and Buddhist iconography, point being is each individual has their own belief behind them. None of them mean anything without us dictating it

As for Crowley and Judaism, I think youre looking at it too much from a personal lense. Now i don’t condone what personal choices particularly drug use that he did, but that’s such a small part of who he was I think that its mostly used to demonize the man further, I think when learning about Crowley take into consideration his time as a mountaineer, poet, spy, and artist.
Judaism offers at least to the introductory practioner symbolism that the person can begin to understand in the terms of magick, simply the different paths or trees of energy work, as well as in the western world the comfortability of abrahamic religion as most in the western world are practioners in some form of it. And we use it so regularly even in our idioms that its the best means to introduce those who arent aware of more. Also it helps to understand ritual, in the context of Catholicism the mass is ritual magick; from physical motion, chanting, transmutation and invocation/possession (the Eucharist is called the host, just saying) and then finally a release and banishment. From an outside perspective thats totally what could be considered occult and magick when put like that.

I mentioned the heroin (and I could have mentioned the other drugs) because

II:22 I am the Snake that giveth Knowledge & Delight and bright glory, and stir the hearts of men with drunkenness. To worship me take wine and strange drugs whereof I will tell my prophet, & be drunk thereof! They shall not harm ye at all. It is a lie, this folly against self. The exposure of innocence is a lie. Be strong, o man! lust, enjoy all things of sense and rapture: fear not that any God shall deny thee for this.

which in the end was true, and thus there is balg, wicca and chaos magick, among other mixtures, and it would have been better for him if he would have followed this:

II:70 There is help & hope in other spells. Wisdom says: be strong! Then canst thou bear more joy. Be not animal; refine thy rapture! If thou drink, drink by the eight and ninety rules of art: if thou love, exceed by delicacy; and if thou do aught joyous, let there be subtlety therein!

along with his drug consumtion, but heroin was because of his asthma and in those times medicine wasn’t as cool as it is today, that’s why the atu IX contains an speculation about genetics, plus if he hadn’t live that life we wouldn’t be here talking about him, he would have been like the others who admired him and now are almost forgotten. Talking about what he did is not to demonize him (and what is wrong with being a demon?), but to show that respect in this Aeon must be paid to him as he was. I don’t like how my local OTO body makes him and Rose look like they were Jesus and Mary and hide from the public the verses that don’t sound Christian friendly, even when Thelema has been recognized by the Chilean State. His devotion to the Law was the most important part of his life, one could be more or less okay with how he did it, but it couldn’t be called a small part of who he was or of who we are as practitioners of modern occultism


@MagusOfGamaliel I think you’re statement (particularly the fact that you’ve referenced and made a solid point) had made us friends. And you are correct that many today see the man much inline with people similar to Jesus, Mohammed, and even Siddartha. Personally I find terms like Demon, Angel,and the like to be kind of worthless terms, in the sense that they are just names attributed to entities from the abrahamic stand point of things. Maybe instead of the word demonize, I should have used villainize or to sensationalize his public persona. In the US, at least, theres so much still today of “he was the great beast, a gay Satanist, touching drug addict dicks, aliens etc” hahaha but all joking aside I’m glad you made the point of medicine, as the scientific advancement has made vast improvements where we no longer need heroine for asthma, or for those like me who are adhd sent to a mental ward for “brain damage”. I think with all things the key to this is subtlety within (just my view of this part of the topic, as serpents are both deadly and venomous as well as forms of healing and reincarnation). But you sir are well read, and to that I appreciate and tip my hat!

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They don’t really have any deeper meanings.

Great reading guys, but I can’t help but ask… why are they doing these hand signs and gestures in an obsessive manner? Like they are forced to do them or something… every time I see a Hollywood movie and everytime I listen to a mainstream song, I always observe these “illuminati” hand gestures. I’m not blind.

I will give you a small example. If you search on YouTube for Corona - Rhythm of the Night, you will see flashing in her video a lot of sigils, pentagrams.

- YouTube (at 0:20 mark and occasionally through the entire video)

I think these gestures mean something, because they are pushing them since 90s 'till today in every music video, in every Hollywood blockbuster.

I really want to know why are they pushing these flashing symbols, hand signs, eye coverying gestures. If anybody really has an honest answer, because I’m sick of christian answers regarding demons, satanists, jesus is coming soon line and other bs.


Take into consideration just the point of something being taboo in culture. You want your music and movies to be seen, well in a way it is magick, its creating hype around it. It involves a subconscious draw of the individual towards these even if they dont like it because now its a “creepy illuminati conspiracy”. Not to say that there isn’t subliminal and hidden imagery, coca cola would hide nudity and sex in old ads, and honestly years ago doing commercial art i did too! Each project i hid weird shit where i could, mostly tits and toasters, point being its a method of selling something mostly to keep relative in people’s minds. I mean in this case if they were good at it, then we wouldn’t notice it at all, its wanting to make something more out of it to get peoples attention

Look into books like the cereal wars or i know there’s a pdf out there about the satanic panic of the 1980s and toys. Those are examples of how great marketing creates controversy that really isn’t there, and their control over us the consumer

I totally agree with your reasoning, but sometimes, some artists like Lady Gaga (well known for her style) says live on TV: “I swear to Lucifer”

Maybe their hand gestures and signs are not just for money and advertisement, maybe the rabbit hole goes deeper and they know something that we, the profane, don’t. BTW, she is just one small example. There are many artists in the media who openly admit that they receive help from spiritual partners or some kind of otherworldly intervention.

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True, I mean we could sit here for a while and just go forth naming artists who say this, but again if you wanted the type of attention wouldn’t you say shit to say shit. I mean if I was famous, to keep people interested and invested I might say “I sacrifice blood to satan and jerk off under the light of a pale moon” give a cheeky smile and keep going. It could also be that they’re art form is the gift and offering for success, no different than any other offering to give praise. But notice how long can they last on that premise, a spirit could only help so much but if your work becomes stale well it just doesnt matter, its old and is only worth a memory at best. But again look at Robert Johnson, one of the best musicians of the 20th century, people claimed he sold his soul to the devil. Did he? Maybe? Did he suffer and used that as an advantage to promote his music, most definably. The other idea is that people are simply drawn in by the idea of darkness, for many its a subconscious effort to live a life of “witchery” vicariously through the artists, but maybe its a form of psychic and monetary vampirism.

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Yeah, wow he sure had a lot of trust in the medical establishment, way way too much trust IMHO. Seriously though I hate when people think he is some sort of saint that they should emulate. I mean, he was a creative ritual magician and all, and his inspired books, are well, inspired, but after all he was a man, and a foolish man at that who repeatedly frustrated himself with his lack of understanding of human nature.

Belial is way cooler and more noob friendly than old Crowley, who didn’t know how to talk to people half the time.

OTO sounds like the naive things kids fill up notebooks with in junior high. Adults should know better. Eventually Crowley realized it was a waste, but it is going to be around because sometimes people need to learn the hard way.

Those are your opinions, I hope they lead you to enlightment, as God is everywhere