Celebrating Baron Samedis birthday 01.11

Kwa Simbo :bat:

Today is Samhain so its time to honor the death ones.
This Juli my two year old cat boy Anubis died - he was ill and this ripped my heart out. I know that death took him as a favor cause as I heard after from the VET he had FIP and it was the beginning. Cats suffer a lot with FIP and there is no way to heal it.

Anyway I do service for Baron Samedi but since a few weeks its like he is not here anymore. I can not feel him but the rum he gets is empty after a short time :woman_shrugging:t2:

Today I visited an old graveyard and left grave candles at the ones where no one took care. To honor death means also for me to take care of the ones who have no one.

Well I am helpless about Samedis birthday tomorrow. He always has his rum, cigar, huge altar and I donβ€˜t know how to celebrate it correctly cause in my country are nearly no vodou practicer :sweat:

Could someone help?

Tha ks in advance and kind regarda :black_heart:
And a blessed new witchy year :crescent_moon:

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