CE5 Meditation to Summon Ufos (best done at night and in groups)


Cool, thanks for sharing! I was just listening to EA’s video that mentioned something similar:

Why do you think this is more effective with groups as opposed to doing it by yourself?

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Coincidentally (I’m not sure who posted first), I posted earlier today a Steven Greer documentary featuring the same thing, as well as the E.A. alien meditation video. Great stuff, though alien entities spook me out too much. I’ll stick to hell raising demons.

I personally have only ever seen it done in groups. I’ve not tried it on my own. Too lazy and also its too humid to be sitting outside waiting for UFOs to appear.

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Does this even summon physical aliens, UFOS, and the like as some say? Or are they immaterial?

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There is a Dr. Steven Greer documentary called Sirius which you can find on YouTube. It has footage of these CE5 meditations in action, which include lots of footage of intelligent lights in the sky, or lights acting intelligently, anyway.

@Baal interdimensional perhaps.

Try this invocation
When I show up I’m just a little sectoid
But later on I become a mechtoid
You may spot me, then I move free
Then I land a crit on your rookie
Cant see me can’t shoot me
But I’m fucked when you try to flank me

Came to earth in a silver chrome UFO
To probe your ass and see how deep it can go
Gain a boost when I merge my mind with my bro


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Gods damn it :joy:

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