Caught some intense EVP's during a ritual for Belial


Sharing my video here because I believe that this was created, and the EVP’s recorded, for the purpose of showing others.

Decided to call upon Belial tonight in a more formal, devoted sort of setting… Placed the new sigil I made for him above the Altar on top of my six pointed candle chandelier. Offered him one of the two different craft beers I had (the one I wanted more), a cigarette (because there is always a time where I run out and could use one cigarette before I’m able to buy another pack), a piece of chocolate from a pack my girlfriend bought for me, and Dragon’s Blood incense. I was almost not going to share this, but realized I had created it with the underlying intent to share it, and the EVP’s i captured manifested… In the video I was singing King Belial’s Enn to the tune of the song I was listening to. You can hear, while I am singing, heavy breathing, whispering, faint words I haven’t been able to make out yet… but the most intense part is at the end. You’ll hear it. Watch the whole thing.

Again, I share this very personal moment from my Altar In my room because it was my intent to do so, and the entity (or entities) that presented their voice(s) came through.

Check it out. And enjoy.


Very nice.


Thank you, friend. :slight_smile: He stares even now through the portal in my room. Belial and I have been close for a while now, but after last night I have been able to see him physically… it’s like a shadow that manifests with color and becomes three dimensional, allowing me to observe him with my eyes. There are many here in my home, and many that follow… I hope you could hear the whispering/chanting in the background


Portals are always fun. I’ve only had a few instances like that. Wish I recorded them.


Sometimes I feel weird about using my technology to take photos and video during ritual, but I think that being able to verify the experience in that way for myself is really beneficial for me when it comes to being certain of my experiences.

I’m starting to think that recording also helps bridge our worlds (the physical Earth and the Infernal) and open more gateways for their influence to affect more people.


That last bit though… really intense.

Also, I thought your singing was lovely.


Right? When I first heard it I had to play the video again… And then I what’s the chanting/whispering. Yeah. The end part gave me goosebumps and dropped my jaw and gave me a surge of energy…

Thanks for the compliment:) I appreciate. I’m a musician and love to sing.

The sound at the end makes me think of Hellhounds , too:)


Can I have an 8 hours long video of you singing this? I love it!


I really appreciate that a lot :slight_smile: I’ll try and record another song tonight chanting his Enn similarly over music that I actually made. I’m working on a song right now, too, and haven’t decided which way to go lyrically, so perhaps this is the answer.


It was very pretty, calm and aery but hunting at the same time!


Heres the song that I was singing over. It was at the end where I recorded my chanting.


Sorry for pesking you about your chanting! I just liked it very much! I’m not flirting you lol

I realized I haven’t comment about the EVP, yes I heard him breathing and whispering too, I just cant catch up what he’s saying :grinning:


Haha, no worries. :slight_smile: I didn’t assume you were flirting. I definitely appreciate the positive words, especially about my singing.

I am having trouble hearing the words whispered as well.


Mmmm it’s pretty low Indeed… In my EVP it’s loud but still you can’t understand what the spirit is saying. Ok, I do, because I know, but others don’t!


It’s not finished. I still need to arrange it and mix/master as best as I can, but here is the song so far. It’s a 38 second clip/sample of the progress I made today.


WOW! your video blew me away! from the altar to the beautiful sigil and chandelier…and then the chanting was enchanting! Belial’s voice is beautiful too, you can almost feel his energy through the video! Great job, my friend!! And thank you so much for sharing it :blush:


Sounded like the spirit was starting to come through in a powerful way.


Thanks guys :slight_smile: during this moment, I was almost instantly taken into a trance and felt an intense surge if power that compelled me to chant the Enn. After the video was taken and I heard the voice, which I know I’ve heard before but inside my mind, the room felt different. Everything was richer, and more vibrant… Full of energy like fire and blood. Everything looked to be flowing with this intense energy, and Belial, as well as countless other entities manifested in this plane to the point that I could see them.

A lot of the work I do is on the fly. I let myself go deep into the experience.


Love the chandelier! I feel like King Belial was definitely there with you too. When I heard you singing it was amazing what I was sensing in my mind…it was like a transporter.


That’s a wonderful recording, I must get that! Thanks for sharing!