Caught in The 72 Sigils of Power!

Hello learned members,
I recently bought a book called “The 72 Sigils of Power”. There the author gives good explanation about how to use the sigils given by the Author.
It seems that those sigils are the 72 names of God/Power which can be used to understand/change the fabric of our reality. All the Sigils presented are Hebrew names. Some are 4 characters long and the others three and the letters are given in the book and the author asks to scan the word(Hebrew) letter by letter from right to left before meditating upon it.

Let me quote one Sigil and its function:

[QUOTE]The 70th Name is : YABAM (Simulate Coincidence)
Magic works through change, and change is made magical through coincidence. Open the way for coincidence to work in your life, and become aware of the synchronicities that are triggered by your magic. Every time you notice coincidence, you empower your magic.
An awareness of coincidence; The reassurance of synchronicity.
RESULTS MAGIC : YAH-BAHM {pronunciation}
To simulate coincidence; To see patterns in the events of your life; To make your reality more malleable.
–>I searched the internet about this name and I got the following:

[QUOTE]Meaning/Interpretation : to perform levirate marriage, perform the duty of a brother-in-law.

I also search another word : The 43rd VEVAL (Spirit in the World) but couldn’t find anything.
CONTEMPLATION MAGIC : VAH-VAH-LAH (Knowledge of your soul’s expression; The insight gained from manifestation; The good of creating art for others)
RESULTS MAGIC : VEH-VAHL (To be known as a creator; To be seen as powerful)

some more examples : UMAB (Wise Decisions)
CONTEMPLATION MAGIC : VAH-MEH-BEH (Moving from thought to decision; The call of Intuition)
RESULTS MAGIC : OOM-AHB (To make a good decision; To be seen as wise)

I know that uttering some words/mantras are powerful when uttered in a right way because everything is in constant motion in a microcosmic level. Everything Vibrates nothing rests and certain primordial sounds have the capability to change the spectrum or frequency of vibration entirely.
So, before practicing, I would like to ask to the learned members about these words if they have any experience with them.
Thank you in advance

Very interesting, thanks for posting.

You’re right, they bear a lot of similarities to the God-names I ran across while researching the Kabbalah (also spelled Qabalah) years ago.

I think the Kabbalah was popularized in the occult world by the Order of the Golden Dawn, but I could be wrong about that.

You might want to start your search there and see what you find.