Cats and dogs

So I’ve noticed something. Certain spirits react a certain way to my cat. Are some spirits after of cats and dogs? If so, why?

Was that auto-correct “afraid of”?

Certain cats may be treated extra special by certain spirits, especially if its a White Cat:…0.4240.6275.0.7540.…0……0.9.1128.3…41j0i30j0i8i30.9HK9Wom8FgU#imgrc=F7LhY2HN5f9z4M%3A

And then of course some probably just like pets. What sort of spirits?

Certain cats may be treated extra special by certain spirits, especially if its a White Cat:

Biosynth, you are hysterical!

I don’t know what it is with people dressing their furry friends up like this =)

Yeah, I didn’t even notice that.

Isn’t it even more fascinating when they are attracted to ritual sites?

A dog once followed me during a Hecate-based ritual.

She is the patroness of dogs.

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I was riding my bike in a neighborhood in Florida once… litle did I know there were certain specific spirit influences of nowadays that were there back then. Well I left someone’s house and rode really fast on my bike as there was this black cat creeping me out. I must’ve sped 15 blocks, then I stopped at a playground to rest. Within a few minutes that black cat showed up and was watching me behind a bush. Then I went home back the same direction and passed an old twisted tree (like off the movie Sleepy Hollow) and many whispers came out of the tree and gradually got louder and spooked me.

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i have a cat,tabby,dark green,and he love to be in my rituals,he stare on wall,or air,and get mad if i lock him out, hes 11,and have 6years of traing on rituals,since he looks and stare,ileft him enjoy,

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My roommates cat, who loves to be around me and will always walk over to me, will never set foot in my room. It’s the craziest thing. Sometimes, she’ll just sit outside my door, not even looking at me, and wag her tail.

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I developped a Stroung Bound with my Cat, even Talking to him telepathicly, She is most of the time with me when i do my Ritual, And she is pretty well used to the spirit surronding me.

I believe most of the Cat can see in the Astral

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i know cats and dogs can be really aware of spirit presence, and I have never lost by paying attn to them. my late Beloved Golden Lab “Buster” [“B”] for short- was massive attack dog when the spirits came downstairs, sometimes I think they were playing tag or ‘fuk with B’- we had a door going upstairs, when we moved into the house it was fkn crazy plagued, took me weeks to get the place under My Control, with the ones I let stay- they were frisky and kinda fun, i gave them the upstairs and treated them like guests if I had to go up there for something, some days i would sware it was a collage frat slam dance up there. but anyway, if they were coming down stairs, B would plant himself where he could see the door. as soon as they would come through- he was airborne and they were on their way on up- unless they wanted to make him chance them around a room or two first. it was fun to watch , rehoming him at the behest of my wife daughter and grandkids is something i doubt i can ever forgive.
yes, pay attn to you critters and if you think they are putting themselves in between you and them; and they likely will only do it to spirits they deem not fit for your company- reward them.
Also- you need to sensitise yourself also as if they are out to harrass your dear furry- your are expected to do the same.
Your blessed!

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