Cat Spoke to Me

I am posting this to get your insight toward the meaning. Maybe I am viewing it incorrectly.
Last night as my cat jumped off the bed and hit the floor he meowed loudly…I was already awake… and as I sat up I said within my mind…what do you want?..he stopped and turned and looked at me and I heard him say out loud…and I heard it in a human voice out loud…“GOT SOMETHING”. I was completely startled. I asked what? He said again…“GOT SOMETHING”…GOT DIABETES". I was so startled I got up for a few minutes. In the interim, I was impressed like it was the billboard advertisement…GOT MILK. Anyway, I went back to sleep and dreamed vividly that my grandfather came in the living room…He is dead…to pick up some keys he forgot and as he picked them up he said…“GOT SOMETHING”. I then moved into another vivid dream where I had gone back to college and had gotten my dorm room paid for and I was standing in the class with many around in front of a young female teacher and as everyone was leaving the room she looked up at me and said…you guessed it…“GOT SOMETHING”.
I do not even consider I have diabetes coming on but I am under the impression that my spiritual insight abilities are beginning to open better in my magical walk…or does anyone view this differently?
PS. My cat has mentally talked with me in a couple of dreams before while sitting on a window ledge saying to me…I have been waiting on you to wake up so we can go. I did find him as a small kitten in a very magical way…so who knows…He may be a teacher of mine…and none of the above is made up at all…my life is like this all the time. Something different out of the ordinary happens weekly.

You might want to get that checked out just in case. It could be a warning.

I actually have a spirit guide who is a grey cat who sometimes shifts into human form. She tells me she lived as a cat in the 17th century, and it became nessecery back then for her to learn shapeshifting, perhaps we came together because I also have an interest in that and am beginning to learn energetic shapeshifting.

Hey Maxx

Do you think this could have been a hypnopompic experience. This is that you were on the threshold of waing and sleeping where you can experience auditory or visual phemonena is if it was in the real world? That said having such vivid dreams with such a clear warning is not to be ignored in itself as the dream state is where we can access a lot of knowledge from our higher self or other entities…So as defectron said best to get it checked out i would say…

Thanks. I already have a routine doctor appt. the first of July anyway. But I see 99% of the time everything is directed towards me in symbolism. I noticed the “keys”, “school”, “teacher” “vivid dreaming”, “number 3 symbolism”, plus my strong impression of a big billboard ad as helping me towards understanding. The diabetes issue I viewed as being a direction to go inward. But again, that is why I posted, I certainly can be wrong and I am looking for added understanding and insight from all…thanks.

Seems like a SHamanic Experience - infact the Omens that are calling for you to assimilate the understanding and explore it further are very much a part of the Shamans Path.

Well - I can share with my cat, though she has passed, she was a kitten roaming the yard when we came to my parents house years ago - and I would be renovating after work and she would turn up and watch me work… so I fed her and it went from there…

I never had a dialogue with words or mental discussion I could hear but there was a bond.

I would check the cat for diabeties and yourself as a precaution as others have said - and I realise that you have said you are going for a check up.

As far as the Shamanic Pathworking goes that is something worth exploring.
If that is the only message I can give - that would be it.

Cats are great familiars…

Interesting comment. Years ago I attended a 3 day Shaman workshop organized by Michael Harner. The instructor had all of us get into an Egyptian boat and we went into the underworld. I was the only one in the group that experienced the movement and shaking within that boat…and it was very pronounced and I could not understand why the others could fell it…and I really enjoyed the trip and the weekend. I did not mention that my dog, Jack Daniels, travels in the astral with me some times…he does get around. But the cat having the diabetes was my second thought. I did find him as a small kitten in the middle of a blinding blizzard on a Sioux Indian Reservation where I live. I stopped where there was no houses and no people when I had to let my dog out. (He prompted me to stop for him…I guess he felt something I did not…LOL.). And then the small kitten jumped out of some tall reeds and yelled at both of us…so I decided to take it home to enable it to stay alive. No way possible it was there in the middle of no place by itself and could stay alive in those surroundings. Heck, I do not see how the Indians survived… So I have always viewed it as a magical animal in my life. Most of the time in the night it sleeps on my chest and I assume it is feeling my the body vibrations. I will consider looking at the Shaman connections to my life as I have had 4 spirit beings around me my entire life.

The Shamanic is a wonderful pathway into interaction with all kinds of aspects of conciousness - and that is what is going on with Ascent - its a key… a very profound one.

All the best with the Shamanic Works - it seems like its your calling - and that is the one thing that may be a great addition to this Site - just not sure how to request a thread… or make one…

I had a experience roughly 10 yrs ago with a shamanic friend of mine. I was new to shamanism and he taught me shamanic journeying. It was a lot like astral projection but with full waking control throughout the trip. His info is here:

thanks for the info…That is what I attended for the weekend with the Michael Harner group. I went into the underground cave in the boat greeted by the Egyptian being and as I described all the various coloring and what I saw the instructor confirmed…so I was successful with the first trip and really enjoyed it all very much. I can see why you describe it as being similiar to astral trips. Also, went into body to do the healing, etc.

Oh, I did look at his site there in Panama…looks very interesting.