Cat possession

Now that I’m working with spirit I can’t help but to consistantly worry about my cat
Is she protracted?
Are there lower beings that will try to possess her or inflicted harm on her?
I need some tips for cat protection please


Cat’s really aren’t a priority for any entity being to possess. Not saying it absolutely CANT happen, but more than likely it will not. Not counting practitioner induced possession (assholeish as it is), or very brief possession by entities you work with to communicate with you. The later actually seems to be good for the cat’s spiritual development, comparable to a sorcerer invoking entities.


When you call spirits, make it absolutely clear with no room for doubt that your cat is not to be interfered with or harmed in any way and that she is your family, and the spirit must honour her as much as you.

That may seem to overstate your wishes, but better safe than sorry, IMO.


First: your cat is awesome.

Second: some will say it’s counterproductive but I do evocations, meditations, all kind of black magick with my little one in the same room. If I do any ritual without her presence, she becomes freaking mad and starts to scratch my door, and then I can’t do any ritual. She loves Sallos, she even purrs for a long time when I evoke him. I also have a doggo, but he likes more meditation than any other rituals. It makes him sleepy. lol

It’s like @Lady_Eva said: the spirit must honor her also.

And I add this: if the spirit honors you, it’ll honor her since she is very important to you.

But, if you worried about her at any circumstances, take her out of your room before starting any ritual. And if you can’t, call protection on her as you call on yourself. And banish after the ritual (if you are afraid of something). That should do.


I usually visualise a shield on my cats to protect them


Thanks @Lady_Eva @Akashiel
I’m working to improve my communication with jinn (as in general not just one entity)
And I have yet to develop my senses
So I’ve been worrying if a jinn would do something harmful to my cat to provoke feelings of fear,anxiety
But I need to be cautious
I might call on king paimon to watch over me and my cat when I perform rituals .


Thank you :smile_cat:
She’s always there when I meditate and preform any type ritual too
And refuses to leave the room she would stand at the door and start meowing till I open
I sometimes tend to think that she’s the one doing the protaction not me :sweat_smile:


That’s also something that I’ve been thinking on doing but I kinda need her to stay still…maybe when she’s sleeping :thinking:
Thank you


In Slavic mythology, Cats are associated with Bog Veles, the Bog of magic and ruler of Nav, the underworld.

Cats are said to be protectors of children and they drive away bad spirits.

If anything, the spirits you summon should be afraid of your cats, not the other way around.