Casting on celebrities

So this isn’t the typical, “I wanna make a celebrity fall in love with me” question. It has basis. Basically…

I sent a very important message to a well known rapper in the industry asking for their advice on a certain matter pertaining to music. Now I’m taking it serious myself and I’m dedicated to making it work regardless of the magic, however in my honest opinion it’s very unlikely this rapper will see my message due to a high volume of DMs they regularly receive. So I was thinking.

I know the persons full name and their date of birth and they are pretty popular. So if I ask a demon to make them do something a simple as “reply to my DM” or “cause …… … to reply and be sweet to me”.

Is this something that can indeed happen.

I honestly don’t see why not because it relates to my own success and it’s something I’m serious about, and it’s not so much will bending.


Might work, try it out.

I remember there was this jewish girl I was crushing on like crazy, but was too nervous to talk to.
So, I made a spell saying, “You will meet me one day in the future.”
Four years passed before I met her, and I couldn’t talk to her because I went dummy mouth.
But, I got her to talk to me for like 10 seconds.

Point is the magic works.

You’ll get something. Just DO IT.


You’ve given me the confidence needed :joy: let’s do it. I’ll update.


KanYEAH West!


Fuck SKete man like honestly…

ooh thanks for reminding me something! Im gonna make a thread about celebrity casting.

…just keep in mind a lot of these celebrities don’t actually manage their social media accounts. They have handlers and social media managers that do it. I’m not discouraging you, just giving you an idea of what resistance you might face.

Go for it and see what happens. Good luck.


Which demon do you suggest? I work with dantalion for love matters but he might be best suited id imagine due to his mental manipulation.

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King Paimon and Dantalion. Both work on the mind. You could layer you magick with both Spirits. You’ve got a winning combo.