Casting a spell just by raising your hand

Hi all,

A friend of mine was telling me about someone who was able to cast a spell on anyone he wishes just by raising his left hand.

Anyone of you here is aware of such and have any idea how this can be done.



I assume he is just projecting his will.

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Yeah, you can do stuff “just” using a hand, curse or bless, heal oir harm. It’s not special (no offence intended to him or you!) but people persist in making magick seem harder than it is and more conditional upon tools and trappings, so it’s probably quite unusual to hear about…

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Your statement is short but quite eye opening, much appreciated

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A gesture is no different than a sigil, they are both ways to access associated meaning.

The way I see it, there’s two approaches. You can use your magical power alone, or you can try to supplement your power by hijacking the magical abilities of the people around you.

If you’re going off your abilities alone, it doesn’t matter what your gestures mean to onlookers, all that matters is what they mean to you. You could use any obscure gesture. If you’re trying to harness other people’s magical abilities, then you want to use gestures you think they will recognize. You need to have to ability to guesstimate the way people will respond.

If you’re hoping to effect other people with your gestures, you’ll want to use confidence. Confidence is an EMOTION, and can be generated with varying intensities like any other emotion. Try for the confidence equivalent of rage. I like to call it a magical gambit.

As for creating custom gestures with your own meaning, I’ve found it’s really difficult to come up with hand gestures which don’t already some sort of meaning. It’s hard to find a “blank slate” gesture. All the good ones are take and already have meaning.

In Castaneda’s book, they prescribed a pinky finger pointing technique. I don’t think there’s anything special about that hand gesture other that it’s a “blank slate”. Nobody points their little finger at things, so that gesture has never been assigned any meaning. (Of course NOW it’s not so blank)

Here’s one I came up with for when someone makes a promise you suspect they won’t keep. We all know that person.

-I close my hand, stick out my little finer and make a hook with it, like you would for a pinky swear. Everyone knows what a pinky swear is and how it works, so it’s a pretty safe magical gambit.

  • Then I make a hooking gesture like I’m hooking something invisible in front of me, pulling it towards me. I’m hooking onto that promise.

-Then I close the hooked little finger into a fist and say "I hold you to your promise.

I could do this alone while on the phone where nobody can see, and I think the personal meaning is enough to carry my magical will. When I choose to do that in front of someone, I think subconsciously they understand the symbolism and react with it in ways which align with my will.

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I do it all the time.

Here is an example: I left a store and somebody honked at me, since he was in such a massive hurry you know…
I immediately did a spell like you describe. I got in my vehicle, hurried behind him when a horse carriage pulled up out of nowhere (it literally looked like a fake reality was merging with 'actual reality) and blocked his way for the next 5 minutes or so. (instant delay karma) It happened in my hometown so I was able to take another ‘secret’ road while he was stuck behind the horse carriage. There is another weird connection, since a good friend of mine owns the company that runs these carriages.

It doesn’t always work this fast by the way, and for most people who aren’t witchy at all it just wont work. It helps to have familiars and other spirits with you who can manage your environment for you.

That said, it’s not necessary. I recommend working through a program like the OAA (Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis) or Franz Bardon’s Initiation into Hermetics and also do look into Chaos Magick Mudras.

Further resources:


A tool is just something you direct your energy into so that the tool now has a magickal purpose or energy. Your hand is required to shift the energy from your body into the tool anyway, therefor, your hand is essentially another tool that energy can be directed from. So it’s nothing unusual. I do it all the time. It is basically just bypassing the tools and using your hand as the tool.

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[quote author=The Cusp link=topic=7259.msg77011#msg77011 date=1451223777]
A gesture is no different than a sigil, they are both ways to access associated meaning.

I agree and the gesture isn’t even necessary you can curse just by looking at the target, “the evil eye”. I think a curse is a lot like a birthday gift, it’s the thought that counts. The only reason I even use tools is simply because I " think" it gives my energy direction and helps me focus. The truth is the physical actions we take during ritual mean nothing and it’s how the actions affect our psyche and take shape in your mind that matters.

All magick happens inside and all the outer stuff is just for you to impress yourself. My triangle of manifestation doesn’t do anything but give my mind a visual of where the spirit is going to manifest. Also the physical drawing of the triangle will not prevent a spirit from leaving the triangle but my mind can. Not that I would want to. And the same goes for the circle any sigils etc.

Any action we do, other than focusing our intent, when casting spells isn’t actually necessary. All your friend is is very focused. They understand that really all a ritual is is a tool to help us not effect the spell. Sorry for the poor wording of the comment.