Casting a love spell for someone else

I have cast love spells in the past for myself and I know that they work extremely well.

Despite that, I have the desire now to cast the spell to make someone fall in love with another person who is not me.

I know that casting a love spell for another is possible, but I would be really thankful if you could give me recommendations on how to do this.

Does simple intention and visualization bring out the desired outcome?

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Not always. In my opinion. When you’re casting for yourself, you know what you think and how you feel, you can control your actions to match your spell. But when you’re casting spells for others they affect the result. They could easily block any results without even knowing it.

I believe to cast successful spells for others you should guide them and give them clear instructions so they won’t be working against your spell.

If you don’t want the target to know that you’re casting a spell, just trying to help someone without them knowing… that may work normally if they have the right mindset. If not, then it may require lots of work on your part to overcome their negative energy, if you’re only using intention and visualization.


Yes . You can only cast them if the circumstance is right, you don’t want to mess with love and lust as they are both very powerful emotions to work with.

Abrupt changes at the wrong time to these emotions can cause dramatic consequences. Anything you can do to yourself, you can to others.

I have looks, game and Venusian energy downpacked(I know I’m bragging lol ) I haven’t used any love, charm/seduction spells on myself because I never felt the need, but I understand people and their emotions really well. I always treat these spells with the ambiguity of it. It’s more complex than other ones.

But I’ve done it on someone else where I made her feel something for a specific man and the result was she was figuratively convinced that this man was his long last partner from a past life to where it started giving a very very fatal attraction like feel. Except it was not fatal, just dramatically annoying and concerning. She was abnormal. Idk why she assumed past life? There could be illusory magick at play that I wasn’t aware of. Weird

If the shoe fits go for it with the exact same method, if you need a certain force to put forth results bareback reality there are numerous entities to work with.


can you cast a lust spell for me ?


Lol bro if you look at my recent posts from a few days ago, it’s me explaining furthermore to why I don’t fuck with love spells. This post was last year and I still have the same view.

It’s a bit too much for me and wish not to deal anything like that again. However, there are countless and helpful DIY ones you can perform for yourself and other services you can pay for. All the best :slight_smile:

Personally I believe that I would be more successful with this approach (but I’m also writing this in case it may apply to others) although, especially if not providing a free service, there would be a risk of dissatisfied “customers”; or like I previously wrote, treating even myself as a client, in third person.