Cast and Forget

okay So I just wanted to fully get head around this.

I hear everyone say ‘forget about the spell once done’

if something is close to the heart ‘love’ or of great need ‘money or healing’
then how do forget?
how important is it to forget???

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You don’t have to forget the spell. The “forget” part is a bit of a misnomer. What you have to do is let go of your attachment to the outcome. The emotional attachment needs to be exhausted within the ritual. Once the spell is cast, you need to assume the deed is done and cease to worry about it.

It is very important because your emotional attachment to the outcome of the spell steals the energy from it and greatly limits the chances for success. This is one of the hardest things to do when doing spells for things you really want, and one of the reasons teachers always say to start casting your spells for small things that you are not emotionally invested in.

Meditation is very helpful in obtaining the right mindset.


there are some great threads on here anout this that I was looking at only yesterday - look up “lust for result”

personally, I find this really tough, so I’m working on other matters to distract myself. Try reading a new book or doing a totally unconnected work. If you are worrying at a love working, you may also want to ask Marbas and Leraje to take the obsessive thoughts away.

the spell is obviously out there.

So I get it as.
the energies are going out there with your chosen spirit.
if you hold on to it then it’s like a wall.
once you let go (even a few weeks after) the wall comes down and the energy can get to work fully??

right or wrong???

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Your thoughts create your reality. If you dwell on thoughts of “Will this work? When will it happen? I really need this. I gotta have this girl/boy/anteater,” you are essentially working against your own magick, and countering the efforts of the spirit. All the emotion about the desired outcome needs to be exhausted in the spell. If you don’t, you are giving mixed messages to the spirit and the universe and it will most likely end in failure. You should come out of the ritual feeling like what you want is already yours, and you just need to wait for reality to catch up. It’s like getting a paycheck from your employer. You know you will be paid on a certain date, so you don’t need to worry about it unless something unexpected happens.

I look at it like this: You have called up a friend you trust and asked them for a favour. Once you ask this favour and they agree to do it for you, you don’t need to keep harassing your friend about it. You expect your friend will come through for you so you consider it a done deal and just wait for your friend to do it.

That is the kind of attitude you should cultivate when dealing with spirits.


ahhh ok

So for me a spell that has been done. from this point. just let go and know it’s mine

Exactly. If after a certain amount of time has passed, and there has been no result, then you can reevaluate and call up your friend for a status report, but until that time is passed just let it go and assume it is on its way.


of course.

it’s mine. of course it’s mine. I have the greatest friends in form of spirits.


Your desire and mind is kinda like your mental asshole. If you clench your butt long enough, the muscle will let go and relax against your Will. That’s what you’re doing while focusing your desire intensely during the ritual… clenching your mental butthole, and clenching so hard, that by the time the ritual is finished you’re over it, and you just relax and let it go easily… so now the universe can ass fuck your desire into ethereal fruition while you blissfully go about your business unaware. Focus on your desire and clench again and you’re gonna feel it. xD I have no fucking idea where that analogy just came from xD I don’t even do butt secks

Ok really though. Letting go of the desire and lust for result is critical for it’s manifestation. If you lust afterwards, you’ll get in your own way of the manifestation of your desire. Let it go but keep taking action towards it. Chant I don’t give a fuck. Do a banishing on self or mind silencing three times a day if you must. Use a charm to give intent to distract you to something else. There’s a million tips and tricks out there.


Beautiful explanation :+1:

I will never forget this sentence :smile:

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I’m going to expand on that in the book I’m writing for my character dialog lol. Seriously no clue where that came from. I’ve been thinking a lot about Asmodeus lately. I’ll just go ahead and give him credit xD

I edited to include a more vanilla explanation xD

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Thank you I’m going to save it :grin: Actually this is very effective way to program the subconscious to remember and understand. When you connect it to something it could easily be recalled because of the emotional-logical connection

It was brilliant idea :metal: Thanks again

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Added that to the quotes lol


I love you all. come together and make me forget to lead me to help me.

your all amazing

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if you can. if it works like that.

can someone help, focus on my name and get me to forget???

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I don’t think that’s possible. lol

You’ve got to figure out how to play tricks on your own mind. I have a lot of mental and emotional control and I have struggled with this before. This is one of the most difficult parts of magick… overcoming our own mind and little psyche defense mechanisms and censors.

I had to very elaborately trick and distract my mind. It seriously is best to start with a desire you kinda want but don’t care a ton about. Once you feel that mentally, it’s easier to find a way to get your own mind back there again in more difficult rituals where it actually fights you.

It’s a very internal, unique, intimately personal kind of self manipulation :yum:


If I try, I may accidentally do one of three things:

  1. Successfully achieve what you wish
  2. Possess you for life as my slave
  3. Destroy you
    But I see that like pretty good odds, so lemme know what you wanna do lol

:rofl: Let’s do this. I’m down. Play wid me. This sounds awesome

Lol i meant it for this comment

I know lol I was just being goofy. Like eh do me do me :grin:

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