Cartoon Movie of Satan portrayed as a friendly educator

I have always loved this video. If you have not seen this, below is a link to watch a quick 5 minute snippet and if interested the full length movie will be posted too. This video is called the Mysterious Stranger by Mark Twain. The actual cartoon movie is called the Adventures of Mark Twain but Satan’s story, based on an actual Mark Twain book, is called the mysterious stranger. It was released on TV several years ago but then quickly pulled as a result of christians protesting that it promoted Satan in such a mysterious and peaceful way that it made him appealing to young children. If you could find a copy of this somewhere on VHS, you’d probably have a rare money maker on your hands.

Quick snippet:

If this link does not work, as I copied it from the mobile .com version of youtube on my ipad, just go to youtube and search for Mark Twain Mysterious Stranger. I think this movie was released sometime around the time when Watership Down was released, which was also pulled from TV, all of its VHS tapes recalled, and is worth about $83 to $160 for one VHS copy as it depicted death to children in a very gory and bloody way. I have a hobby of seeking out children’s films that were very odd or disturbing. The full version requires a rental fee, it used to be free but the company that owns the rights to this movie had the free versions removed from youtube, but worth watching. But you can listen to the audio book on youtube for free in a very boring monotone voice.

Link to full length rental

To your knowledge, is it available on Netflix, Hulu, or one of those deals?

I don’t really think that scaring couple of kids that bad is too friendly : D

Here it is for free

You are welcome

Here it is for free

You are welcome[/quote]

I can’t check out that link right now, on my ipad again and youtube links take me to youtube and it says mobile youtube no longer available. My ipad is old and outdated, but I will look into it on the desktop later on. Someone is always finding ways around adding the full movie for free, but they eventually find it and remove it. No it’s not on netflix, this is one of those movies that is very hard to find.

By friendly, I meant most of the time. There are other scenes with Satan, not just that one. But the christians tried to say that since Satan was not shooting fire out of hands and destroying the children themselves all while blaspheming god’s name in a wicked demonic voice, that he was too friendly. Of course, they hated that Satan was not portrayed as a total evil destructor of chaos. But I love movies like this. They are so weird. I have a playlist on youtube I can share later on, full of weird stuff like this. I also have a commercial from Germany showing IT the clown drowing under water while chained to a cinder block, it was a commercial for iced tea.

Here it is for free

You are welcome[/quote]

Unfortunately, when I went to check out the link, it came up as reading that the content was blocked in my country on copyright grounds.

Run it through a proxy:

Iam Incide (solutions oriented)

It means it blocks IP addresses that are associated with your country. What you make of that is up to you… :wink:

Ahhh, yes, I first discovered this video a couple of years ago while drinking absinthe. Great, -and- thought-provoking! Exactly the last thing some people want children exposed to, in other words.

Interestingly, I didn’t see this depiction of Satan as overly “friendly”. He offered Knowledge, and that could prove dangerous, troubling, a whole host of things for which the individual ultimately has to “step up” and take charge of shaping things themself, or be destroyed horribly. But that’s just me. Thanks for reminding me of this!

This is even better, Jed Mekenna “Mysterious Stranger” Mark Twain

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