Career in the arts/entertainment business for certain?

So I am trying to have a fortunate career in the entertainment business, I want to be an actor and singer - I just don’t have the resources as of right now.
I was wondering if you guys knew spells or anything that could help me?
Specifically, I am looking for someone/something that would help me get the resources/networking that I need, as well as someone/something to help advance my talents to where fame and fortune for what I want to be doing would be inevitable/unavoidable.

Any and all suggestions welcome.

Thank you!


I think I have something for you energetically, like a soul piece. I wanted to be a household name in music, and was raised in a family of musicians who wanted the same for themselves, but I’m not physical enough for it.

Anyway, back when I was in my physical body and still harboring this dream, one time a palm reader told me I’d be rich and famous for music, but I think I’m really supposed to be a catalyst for others instead.

I don’t do spells, I’m a mystic, so anything that happens from here is automatic/accidental.

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I’ve had great results with King Paimon for improving my music, acting, and networking so I’d say he’s your guy. You’ll want to work with a variety of spirits with different powers to help you achieve your goals, but Paimon really can do a lot for people in the arts. He is also quite skilled at helping you influence others, something that I’m sure you can think of a use for in the cutthroat world you’re going into. He may also cause confusion, should you have need of it.

My grimoire of choice for evoking Goetic spirits is Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield, in case such work appeals to you. Koetting’s book Evoking Eternity would also be good if you prefer his methods. I haven’t read it yet myself, but I think I’ll be picking up his complete works sometime soon. I’m becoming more interested in soul travel, and he’s had pretty excellent mentors for it so I imagine his book’s pretty good.


I have thought about evoking King Paimon - I just am the type of eprson where I am not sure if it is real or not?
Like I believe it is real, but I am not sure if I would be actually experiencing it, if that make sense? But I would love to try as I have heard many good things about him.


I wouldn’t worry about that kind of stuff too much. Magickal experience is a wonderful thing, but as a beginner I’d say results are more important than anything. It gets much easier to allow yourself to have a magickal experience once you see that doing magick brings results.

In fact, you will likely experience nothing out of the ordinary for a while. Your astral senses will awaken with time and consistent practice, but you do not need to sense the spirits for them to hear your requests and respond to your Will.

Nothing beats actually doing magick. Give it a try, with your full focus and commitment, and you will experience the benefits of a magickal reality unfold into your life. I know of no experience more beautiful than that.


Im interested in this subject too…Im looking for spirits about music improving but im looking more for spirits that will make my -already done music- succesfull. I have a lot of good projects almost ready,im not that type of guy thats dreaming of a music carreer without the music first. :stuck_out_tongue:
So everything you know about Angels/Demons/Spells that you think it could be helpfull please share it with us.
Best of luck to you @LunaR and to who everyone who is reading this.





My advice (from a non magick standpoint): just start doing things.
For singing, take singing lessons if you feel you must (as stated above), write songs, record covers. keep practicing… until you feel confident in sharing your creations and then put them out there; and then keep practicing!
Same for acting, analyze scenes from your favorite movies, watch acting vid tutorials and tips on youtube, do stupid videos with your friends, even just to play around and experiment. Nothing is too small a step. Once you’ve got a few projects under your belt, small or otherwise, create a backstage account with a resume if applicable and get your name out there!
That’s one of the key big things: getting yourself out there. There’s a saying that succeeding in the arts is based on “who you know” That’s only half of it, its also based on who knows you and who is reminded of you in a room of people looking for talent.

Implement these steps along with your magick, use them for you own required practice of going into the arts along with taking the necessary actions to forward your magick into this reality, and you’ll be on a good track I think. This is what I’m doing, I’ll be out of film school by the end of spring, I’ve got a similar want. It can’t hurt!

I think I’ve got a few videos on acting and stuff stashed away somewhere, If I find them I am PM them to you!

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It’s a long pathwork but look into Wealth Magick by Damon Brand. It’s around 144 days of spellwork but it’s EXTREMELY powerful. Buy the book, don’t torrent it as they have servitors that make their magick less potent when you don’t pay for it. It’s like $10 anyway and you’ll get way more than that back…

That plus a pact with King Paimon and/or Belial would suit you well. Bime is always great to have in your corner as well.

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Thank you for your reply and the suggestions. Lana is such a great artist btw…Now,i agree with your point of course,only good music can keep you in the industry,but success and the breakthrough depends a lot on the ‘‘timing’’ and ‘‘luck’’ too. You can make it anytime with 1 record,you can make it anytime with average records and you can fail with good records.

Lana Del Rey for example came through with only 1 song (the video games record) and THEN the record companies reached out to her. Eminem once said that he reached out to EVERYONE he knew in the industry and the most of them didnt even hear to his music,then he reached out to one of the biggest stars in the game,Dr Dre,and he was the first who said that will give him a chance. If Eminem wasnt lucky enough to find out Dr.Dre (you NEED too much luck to find out one of the biggest stars in the industry),the history would be a lot different.

So for that being said,in my humble opinion i think good music KEEP you in the industry but at the beggining a lot depends on the response of the universe to your will.You need that luck,that good timing and everything to work in your favor just for once. This is what we need from the spirits.


So not just luck and spirits or good skill…but the right big timer needs to like what you got. If your good enough I would think theres always someone that will like your shit. What you need is basically endorsements from important people. Your basically in a sense sharing someone elses aura of prosperity.


@Meowlix Im saying that everything from good music-to luck-to good timing are equally important and success in my opinion depends on who and when are hearing to your music,but these are some things that you cannot control all the times.I agree with you also that you need good endorsements :slightly_smiling_face:.

@Lux_Tenebris This is what im talking about…Sometimes is the music,sometimes is the connections,sometimes is the timing sometimes is all the above and sometimes you can fail even if you have all the above.

So there is a lot of things that got to work well TOGETHER at the right place at the right time,otherwise it will be a rough journey. And thats why i would need a help from a spirit to make all these things work well together. I dont chase the fame and in my genre there is not celebrities. This is just what i would like to do profesionally,in no way this isnt my ultimate life goal.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Btw Lana‘s Video Games song was produced by a top-tier production team, and she has been working with a big fish for years before the breakthrough. I think there was more beforehand orchestration involved than she lets on… maybe studying metaphysics at university helped her :thinking::wink: She did read ”Think And Grow Rich“, among others, which is based on an older book called ”The Master Key System“ which in turn is based on the Kybalion. I always got a certain vibe from her… A spirit I work with doesn’t seem to like her music, though. He called her ”the whiny girl“ :joy:


Ι think she was good financially,so it was easier for her to find a good team behind her,but she deserve it i think artistically.She has a great voice,she writes lyrics and she seems a very nice and humble person.
I would like to read all these things but my english obviously are not perfect and when it comes to the books etc its getting way harder for me to understand. Btw,which spirit do you think could help me for the music? I got some good things almost ready,i only want it to convince the publishers i will send the music to accept it and then the ‘‘clients’’ to buy it. Im keeping it pretty simple .:stuck_out_tongue:

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I suggest looking up spirits that are associated with music or maybe rather business matters in general and then just go with your gut feeling. Just make sure you do proper research and approach them with confidence and respect. Good luck!


Okay - I have read through all of these and I appreciate them!!
I am going to start looking for a singing teacher, I used to go one but stopped because I was spending too much going out there but I moved closer so I will probably be going back to him.
As for acting - I am not sure if I want to go to school for it, just because I don’t really see the point but i might start looking into classes and just auditioning more.

Thank you all so much for your help :)!!!


Good luck