Capricorn, angels. Curses and bindings

Over the past year, I have had remarkable experiences working with angels. I am in awe of their profound capabilities and influence in this universe.

However, I have noticed that since collaborating with these spiritual guides, they have activated particular astrological placements within my chart - namely, aspects related to the planet Saturn and the sign of Capricorn.

Traditionally, angels have been associated with the more benevolent signs of Sagittarius and Pisces in spiritual literature. But my observations suggest angels are actually quite structured and strategic entities. They seem to orchestrate people’s lives according to what they deem to be a higher purpose, then seal that outcome in place.

For example, if one requests an angel’s assistance to exponentially grow a business and earn more money, the angel may grant that wish. But in doing so, they then bind the person to that business venture. The individual may find themself unable to easily leave or change course, as new responsibilities and expectations arise from all sides. The business then becomes a burden, driving the person to work tirelessly under Saturn’s influence - leading to stress, guilt and a compulsion to labor endlessly.

Even if the financial abundance materializes as requested, the person may feel trapped. And if they do attempt to break free, the angel may effectively “curse” them, blocking future entrepreneurial opportunities and compelling them to seek conventional employment instead. This is the curse of Saturn that most people fear

This aligns with my understanding of Sidereal astrology, where planets placed in Saturn-ruled signs like Capricorn or Aquarius tend to create a sense of being bound to the significations of that planet. For instance, if Jupiter is in Capricorn, one may feel compelled towards religious devotion and teaching, unable to withhold that knowledge for oneself.

Or if Venus is in Capricorn, the person may draw in a partner who is highly career-driven and controlling of their status, even if that relationship provides financial security. Attempting to divorce such a fated union would require first seeking permission from the guiding angelic entity - as these Saturn-influenced spirits are masters of karma who do not look kindly upon defiance of their designs.

If you have a planet in Capricorn, it means there’s a “curse “ relating to the significance of that planet and the houses it rules.

You need to be aware that material needs that Saturn fulfill is not for your own purposes, it’s for the sake of humanity. Always remember that.

If Saturn gives you a 200 K salary job, it’s not for you only. It looks for poor people around you and gives you so you can also share with them. The poor can be your struggling brother, your sick uncle or grandfather etc…

Always try to understand what Saturn wants from you and you will earn money :yen: exponentially, without limit.

If Venus is in Capricorn than take care of your wife at all cost

Jupiter of religion and mentors

Mercury your younger siblings, neighbourhoods etc…

Sun your father, government

Moon your mother, your home, your country

Mars your brother, your body


What do you think about Archangel? I work with them, but the effect they give me is very subtle, and nothing significant or life-changing has happened.

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I have found that Archangels are more linked to Aquarius. It’s a lighter sign than Capricorn. Here Saturn is more chilled. It has worked, now it’s time for him to share what it has gained from Capricorn with Humanity.

So here the Archangels will push you towards humanity, new technology, working in large organisations.

If you want to feel them, go big. Work with Multinational company or an humanitarian organisation. You will feel them

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Very intrestint this. Also how you relate the impact of Saturn. You know a lot of Saturn and its position in every way. You have deep analized it. I did to. Now i am in sate said i understand him more and more. And true you i am shure i am going to discover a lot of him.

Thank you also sharing this about the angels work.
I never ever did magic in my life or readed a book about it. But i am so willing to do something with it and try.
And i dont know if its my field to work with them.
I realy love to read about how you see the sings with the planets and what we should give attention to it Very very helpful. This is how we understand astrology better