Can't take this anymore!

i tried to bring him back to me in so many ways, i hired to many people to do spells for me.
i did the intranquli spell TWICE and nothing! he’s living like nothing even fucking bothers him.
i want him to mine, i want him to feel sorry, i want him to beg for my forgivness, i want him to be alone and without any women around.
WHAT i should do? i want him back!! 6 months and nothing. and don’t tell me to give up or get over. i can’t.
he blocked me -_-
Tell me what should i do ?? i want this basterd to much.

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Yes… I’ ve tried to said this several times, but nobody wants to listen.

I’ve been obsessed with this girl for a long, long time. But guess what? I never, ever started a conversation with her, to the point she called me on it. Repeatedly.

The magick may have worked, but that doesn’t change the fact that people can overcome a lot, including their own urges.

The best thing I could tell you is to understand that we don’t hold the universe in our hands, people can and will defend themselves. And since in this case it mostly looks like internal work, then it is actually easy (more or less) for someone with a working understanding about themselves.

Maybe is time to work on yourself. Just a thought.


I know, thank you for your sweet comment.


This makes me so sad. Im in the same boat with you. I want my ex back too. Im in the edge of giving up or not. One girl here actually tried for 9 months! and thats when her target avoid resisting. Her target said that he misses her so much.

I know we dont want to choose to move on but maybe we should try the forget spell or something to move on. Some people have results when they give up. I think we both are lusting for results girl and it prevents the spell to take charge

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Good idea.

By the way, I’m not trying to get an ex back, so I think you didn’t mean to reply to me.

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Oh yeah that was for DarkRose93

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Pray to The Archangel Anael

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Is my experience .i cnt remember were i post 5 tips to bring back a lover. But use Egyptian magick. And use magik were u can bury items, or put in sea. U try lilith,? Its One were use potatoes but u must put it after ritual in sea, or Creek. In 12 am.

I’ve come to believe that magic takes time to erode the will of the target. The stronger the targets will the longer it will take which is why magic has such varying results. I also get that you are lusting for results. The fact that you did the intranquil spirit spell twice shows that. Magic will work but it can take multiple months/years if you lust for results



Cut this out of your vibration , be more rooted in your heart chakra , unconditional love , wanting things to serve your own ego alone will hurt the process , love will attract love , and not vibration of aggravation

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Your magick might be working. It’s just that some people are soo hard headed stubborn. Inside they are with you. Crying for you. They just can’t take the initiative action to work things out with you due to shame/guilt/ whatever emotions they have. Many people rather sit and suffer inside even thought they want you. It’s very hard to get someone to take action when there is previous conflict /misunderstanding and they have ego/pride getting in the way of being humble. They are too good to make amends inside. Even if the person see the error of their ways, they still will not take action. Part of it is fear of rejection , fear to admit wrong , fear to be sorry, etc… There’s so many people in the world that live suffering inside not willing to express their feelings/love to another. They rather have the heartache that is silent and can’t be seen by anyone. Some times they just ignore the love they have for you and hope it goes away. Your magick may work the inner thoughts of the person, however, taking action may be a tougher obstacle to get. Inside they are dying to be with you, yet they just couldn’t do the action follow through for some reason.

It’s already tough as it is in the real world with any situation. Rarely do you see people take action. Look at all the what ifs people have with asking someone out, or business ideas, etc… Not many take action to make their dreams come true or follow through with a project.


Right the world and myself is obsessed with the ideas of having certain things

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Rethink your approach.

Don’t try to get him back for keeps. If he does come back, only take him back so you can shatter his heart into a million little pieces when he least expects it. (You can always take him back later…when he’s begged enough.)

Take some time to get over him. Then go nuclear with this:

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT mention your ex, your breakup, etc. to anyone who knows you. Delete any mention of him from all your social media, and if anyone brings him up, change the subject. Items from your relationship should be donated to charity (or put in storage and “forgotten”) unless you’re using them in the spell. It helps you get in the right headspace, and it’ll seem like you’re through with him (people always want what they can’t have).

Remember, revenge is a dish best served cold. Good luck.

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Unless he did something bad , y use this method :joy:

Well, OP is calling him a bastard and it seems like he really hurt her. I don’t know the details, obviously, but the worst breakups tend to be the ones that prompt one spell after another.


If I hated my ex I wouldn’t make a thread how to get them back just me :joy:

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Ever had an ex hurt you very, very badly? So badly that you desperately want them back, but at the same time you hate what they’ve done to you?

It doesn’t sound logical, and it’s not rational. But it does happen. Especially if the ex is a real piece of work who got you addicted to them by pulling you in and pushing you away until it wrecked your emotional health.

It’s not my place to tell someone how they “should” feel after a breakup. We all handle it differently. But if OP is determined to punish him using magick, I may as well point her in the right direction so she doesn’t wear herself out.


I get where you coming from , humans are complicated, i see from your perspective now

@John_Wick u doing your energy homework? progress I assume. =o) since you don’t want to kill the ex. hahaa.

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