Can't feel my succubus presence :(

Hey , I did the Letter of intent to Lilith for a longterm relationship with one of her daughters on the 17 May. And i have felt her presence and over the course of a three or four days got close to her. I often would check on her by speaking to her like i would an irl partner. But last nignt she didn’t make her presence known so I’m worried she may have left , I’m not sure if i did something wrong. I really like her and care about her, she is amazing. Any advice guys, I’d appreciate it.

:eyes:please kindly use the search function. This is a very common occurrence when we jump into asking for spirit partners before we work on being able To communicate well and sense them fully.

There are quite a few threads on this, complete with advice, names of members with experience and I think most questions you’d have along these lines.

I’ve read through many of them, and while it may take you hours to determine what your move should be or who you might like to speak to on it, I’m certain it will aid in your journey.

Be patient. Do the research and it won’t be long
before you are at the next step, and less worried.

Also the 17th was only a few days ago, if I understand correctly they do transverse the other planes even after coming to you.