Candle wax reading... anyone?

So I did the Intranquil Spirit spell and have been reinforcing it on a weekly basis for about 3 weeks now. Have two questions for everyone and curious about y’all’s responses…

  1. I’ve heard both sides with regards to reinforcing spells. Some say it’s best to do the spell once and that’s all you need to do. I’ve heard others say that when you reinforce the spell it could piss the Intranquil Spirit off because it’s basically telling them you doubt their effectiveness or that they’re doing the work. Each time I do the spell I have a conversation with the spirit after the prayer and tell them that this is not in any way meant to insult them or for them to think I doubt their effectiveness… but it’s more on the lines of me showing and telling them I am still very much committed to the task and appreciate and respect their work and helping me in this favor.
  2. Here’s the candle remains from the latest working I did. What do ya’ll think of this?
    And does anyone put much weight into reading the wax remains afterward?


Im not an expert but I found this lady very informative in regards towards candle reading.

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The one thing I see is a large “I don’t know” unsure kind of new to this


Hope it helps


Thank you for posting the links to these. They were very informative although after reading them I found the author contradicted herself in the beginning of the article and in the end when she spoke about the quadrants.

When I looked at the wax remains, I saw a person holding a heart. While it’s on the left side of the picture, I turned the was to see that it was more evident. Do you see it as well?

Either in your experience or from what you heard, do these “signs” usually hold true?

Thanks again for the posts. I look forward to hearing from you again.

Thank you.

On the left top corner I see a baby sucking on its fingers. Is someone trying to have a baby or is currently pregnant? It looks like its in the near future.

I dont know why I see a man with a big penis about to get a bj lol. But I also see a large woman and a man kneeling.

I could be completely wrong. Im just telling you what comes to mind.

What part of the candle was facing you? It can give me a more clear picture of what reading zones im looking at.