Candle reading

( Credits: To my friend and mentor)

Candle reading

  • it’s in the details. Pay close attention to your candles when working - they reveal a lot.


  • Strong flame : Your energy is High. Your spell is going great, and your power is focused onto what you are working on.

  • Weak Flame: You May be facing difficulties with your spell. Consider stopping and recasting your spell on another occasion. And take some time to reflect.

  • Jumping flame: Strong emotions are present. Either stop to meditate and clear your mind, or continue and use your emotions in your manifestation.

  • popping candles: something/someone is trying to talk to you. Be alert for any new presences in the room.

  • The flame catches something on fire: someone may have cursed or hexed you.

  • A clean even burning candle: Means your spell and manifestations are likely to come true.

  • Fast burn: The results of your spell will happen quickly.

  • Flickering Flame: No breeze= Nearby spirit. Communication ritual=you are in contact with whoever you were summoning.

  • Cannot blow the Flame out: The conversation is unfinished with whoever you were working with. Continue working, or properly say Goodbye.

  • A flame dies on its own: You do not need any help from the spirits; the answer you want already has been found.

  • Smoke warta away from you: You will beed to work a bit harder to reach your goals.
    Direction of smoke wafts: East- something powerful is assisting you.
    North - You are ready to begin your ritual and get results
    South - The spell will be successful
    West - A powerful interference from an outside force.

  • Black smoke (any direction) : Beware upcoming challenges as you may have been cursed. There is high possibility that your energy is being blocked.
    Tip: Look for Symbols in the candle wax, such as patterns or possibly even sigils.