Candle magick questions

The candle on the right is for Cleasing of Negative entities energies and spirits, and the candle on the left is for removing and banishing those same things. Any insight onto why the cleansing candle is burning way clearer with less rings and less leftover wax.? Both the flames are moving & jumping. The cleansing candles flame is bigger but both flames are pretty strong.

Also feel kinds like a dumb question but i infused a candle with my energy and intent yesterday. Left the candle alone today and was planning on feeding it more energy and intent and lighting it with my petition & a picture tomorrow afternoon. The energy and intent from the first day is still in the candle right cause like where would it go and why wouldn’t it stay in the candle if I haven’t lit or did anything with it.?

Ummmm??! Wtf?. So this just happened. It’s currently smoking and cracking occasionally. And the top has gotten way darker since I took this picture. About to do some divination & look further into it cause I forgot exactly what everything means but this is a first for me. Any thoughts??

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Some candles just burn differently, even if they’re all from the same set.

Usually if one candle is burning faster than another, it means the magick is working faster.

The black smoke — some say this is an ill omen but personally it’s always been the opposite for me. I love it when that happens.

Candle divination is subject to some interpretation on the part of the individual. The black soot on the one candle for instance, some might see that as the spell not working or negative energies still lingering. But another way to see it, that the negative energy was indeed being burned away and now you’re seeing the residue of it.


Ehehdhdjdj ugh guess I’ll have to just wait until they’re done burning :weary:.
The black smoke and sound stopped. And the flame got smaller. It was tall and jumping up until right after I posted this. Lit a tea light with some sea salt & herbs for protection the flame on that one is calm and steady so it’s probably being burned away rather than negativity being sent or negative interference.

Here’s the reading I did on it if anyone wants to give their opinion :blush: I have my thoughts but I’m struggling with being real with myself and trusting my judgement.
Currently in the process of hexing my ex. I plan to ruin his life. No impulsive random spells. Months maybe years of study and and prep will go into this. I might be satisfied after I do this one hex candle just depends what happens. I’m just doing what I feel confident enough to do now while the feelings are hot and fresh. 5 of wands could be overconfidence. What I think it is is banishing the energy is just that but I think cleansing it it’s like its trying to but there resistance obstacles mindset changes etc that need to happen on my part. But idk I could be completely off and wrong :sob: I don’t trust my judgement or interpretation.

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I am way too unfocused right now to do a full interp on the card reading, but the reading looks good to me.

The reading seems like it’s showing that you have some resources, that there’s been a conflict, and something you want to inflict change towards. 10 of cups is your success and the King of Cups is the guy on the receiving end of your magick, all sad and lonely.

(I am also way jealous of your candle, the one t that got real dark :joy: I know I just said interpretations can be subjective and all, but it’s giving off a real visceral sense of power to me!)

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I was just posting it for anyone to give their opinion or advice on it. I wasnt expecting you to do a reading at all or give your opinion that’s why I replied to myself lol. But thank you​:pray:t4: I know how taxing and draining advicing in general but especially in witchcraft can be. A second opinion can be reassuring. But that’s the 8 of cups :weary: