Candle Magick Money Spell

I bought a white candle for magick spell to attract money! Its length is 20 cm Pure white I engraved words on it to give it its shape and direction words like MONEY, Argent,And the dollar sign euro too!
I haven’t lit it yet I came to ask about the best direction to put it in and about whether I should stay by her side until she turns out on her own… Also, I am asking about her best time to turn it on Thank you!

I also put a coin near it!!!

:thinking: add Jupiter and Venus symbols! Light it on Jupiters day on the hour of Venus! It represents “abundance of money”

Here you can calculate when is that

Also Taurus :taurus: for money! And its cardinal earth so North is your direction! It will help if the moon is in Taurus and waxing to full too but i believe Jupiter and Venus got it covered!

The green colour correspondence with money! White works but I suggest adding a green something! Can be green paper or crystals! Add other varieties of money! You can print it if you don’t have it!

Best wishes :moneybag:


Thank you so much… I love you brother peace and love and care!!! Thank you

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i’d add some cinnamon… some clove… some bay leaf…, maybe some thyme… maybe a bit of suggar or honey… maybe some rosemary…
but really what matter the most is intention and energy…


You should try putting a spirits sigil on it

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This was done very successfully!!

Oh really? Will this help? How to do it?

I left the candle above on the roof of the house and I went down, Before I got off I put it in a bottle… Is this good and safe?

I put cinnamon in front of the candle

Carve a spirits sigil into it , and the spirit will bless it

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Idk I never did it , just let it burn out in your room

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you usually rub cinnamon powder in the candle before burning it.
Well at least you’ve put your energy and intent in the candle before burning it. That’s good.
Next time get a green candle and you can just google herbs for money magick… or u can just buy money oil. The oil have cinnamon and other herbs in it already, it’s just easier.

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Thank you so much!

I will do it next time

I have been awake since yesterday until today, And at about 05:30, I went upstairs and did the other candel magick money spell! I took the same steps that I took in the first time, but this time I prepared the candle well
I put a little honey and I turned clockwise on the candle.

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