Candle magick - in a jar or just a candle on its own (protection or no-protection)

I saw some guys YouTube on candle magick. He said that you should not use candle in a glass jar for magick. He called it a “candle condom” and said it ruined the spell.

So, for him, those Novena/Saint candles don’t work.

On the other hand I have seen people use them who knew what they were talking about. They did not mention anything about it.

Do you think it matters if your candle is in a jar or not?

I turned off that video before the end. Maybe his candle was being used for healing of some sort.
Some of the books I have read say the wax represents our body. I can see how you would not want a glass shield around a body you are trying to heal.

I really like Divine Name/Psalm/Candle magick, so I would really appreciate your opinions.

I use both types of candles (glass and no glass) It makes no difference for me. It is the intent that matters. I have healed 2 people with glass votive candles and cast a love spell with a glass scented candle successfully. As long as you can focus and put your full energy and intent into the working any type of candle or colour will work. Including not using any candles as well. As far as what the wax shows I still saw patterns in the glass and the smoke colour as well. And for dripping wax from an enchanted/empowered candle you can pour it from the glass holder still. Hope this was helpfull. I follow my intuition and what I hear I should do in my practice so others might disagree or have more info for you but again I hope this was helpfull.

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