Candle magick for beginner

So I am going to try candle magick tomorrow. From EA koetting books: baneful magick, and become a living god. My questions are: is there any prerequisite for candle magick? Am I required to be able to see or feel energies?? Thanks

u need candle, a lighter, and intent, what type of magic u planning on doing. for example for me, my magic type is sex magic, so i uses red candle when doing candle magic with my sex magic when working with my spiritual sisters who are succubus

I am going to do black magick, to destroy someone, and Love magick, to bring a lover to me. Also are you able to see your súccubus sisters?

I can see them in the astral realm or dream world, but in the physical realm or physical world i can only sense energies, which is how I know spirits around whatever it by touching, smell in the air, or feeling of a presence around my household and property.

No, it is not required. The candle acts as a way to put out your energy into play. What is most important is your energy and intention. The more you put in the more it will absorb.

Sure sometimes a quick 10-15 min candle burn is a push you may need. Other times an hr or more. What is prime is your intentions put it. It is far more than Lighting a candle, saying a few words then just letting it burn within eyes view. The more energy you put into your candle this includes from the very 1st moment before lighting, your candle will release it into the world, spirits.

Ie prepping.
Make sure you prep you once you get them to cleanse and remove all negativity it may have come into contact from making to stocking till the point you received it. Unless its an already prepped candle you are using

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Thank you. When I finish using a candle, can I keep using that same candle for another purpose? Like another candle magick ritual?

How do you prep them? How do you remove negative energies from them? Or cleanse them?

wow u sound more advance then I am, as I been doing magic for two and half years now

I do a multi method on mine. Tapers, stand alones, pullouts and tealights( that are pretty easy to remove temporarily) I do a quick bath. Water, soap. Let dry unless I am in cut time then wipe with paper towel. Grab some salt and rub all over. Saying a few words to release and clear all negativity that has touched this candle (or item if I am cleansing other tools). Then last quick run through palo santo, sage or rub down with florida water or rose water.

You dont have to do all the steps, i simply do to get my intentions into the candles while I am cleansing during the last 2 steps stating my intent of what I am wanting to use the candle for and my desired outcome. You can do a quick wash then just run througg some palo santo or sage stating the removal of all vibes, energies that have come into contact.

If I am using vigil candles then I do similar clean the outside jar, a quick rub down on top of candle and jar with salt then I run through palo santo or sage. And small dab of florida water on jar and top

From there I prep if its a candle I will be using herbs, oils, inscribe etc


Smell of Florida water alone is magick XD

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Do I have to use sage, or palo? I don’t have those ingredients

Thank you. Wouldnt say advance, we all are pretty well versed in our specialties but I think there is always things to learn. Im still learning and Ive been intune with myself since a very early age. Over time you will just feel it, you’ll have your own technique. Either from learning what you feel is best for you or things you have picked up over time

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oh i see

I’m about to dominate some chick and poor candle wax on her and try and use her as a conduit for my scrying mirror, what should be a useful spirit to conjure?

No you don’t. You can simply use florida water that is a good cleanse. In a very worst case scenario if you cant get your hands on neither or hoyts colgne. A simple wash follwed by a salt rub down making sure to state verbally or mentally what the purpose is. Getting rid of all vibes, energies that this candle has come into contact with.

To save time. When i get a new batch of material I do the wash then place away till I am using whichever candle, item I will be using

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I see thank you for your guidance, it will help a lot tomorrow

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Its the most wonderful smell! I always have stock on hand bc it is just a must in my stash for all things


Agreed :+1:

Lilith or any other type of sexual spirit or dominatix spirit

I was thinking of making a Lilith sigil with the rope on her chest.