Candle magic, the TGS, a tub of Vaseline, & YOU! How do they fit together?

Candle magick is the simplest and most newbie friendly form of magic, as I understand it. And I think Sigil Magick is considered fairly easy and good for beginners too? But when EA does candle magic in a video he implies that you would go into TGS, and that seems like something that most beginners wouldn’t be able to do. And similarly, he suggests that someone with NO experience at all fire up a sigil to verify that magic is real.

I would think that getting into TGS is always beneficial to any spell you’re performing, but my [hopefully] obvious question is: is TGS required for those beginner level magicks?

TGS is reached at various levels of intensity. Focus + Visualization will automatically produce enough TGS to work magic. Practice then leads to the ability to go deeper into that state at will for more “advanced” works.

Agreed, like becoming more muscular by doing weightlifing (instead of becoming more muscular first, to lift better in future) - it comes with the territory. :slight_smile:

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Ok, yeah - that makes sense. In fact, after rereading the above comment in conjunction with this I think I have a pretty good idea of how it works - it sounds like what I refer to as “getting lost in my thoughts.”

I spent a lot of my early time exposed to EA’s work practicing the Theta-Gamma Sync. I remember getting into the TGS while at work and maintaining it for an hour or so during lunch rush. And I was capable of truly multitasking. I was able to receive two different inputs of information and respond to them both appropriately and timely.

Long story short is that I am very, very good at getting into the sync. I can enter it doing whatever. When I was starting it I would be dependent on doing the ceiling and the wall trick. Now, I can focus, steady my breathing, and I’m there.

what doe a tub of vaseline have to do with anything? or am i missing some joke?

Well, EA’s candle magic video I referred to in the OP was a love spell.