Candle Evoked Spirit

I’ve been burning a brown candle since Friday Night at 808pm that I’ve been holding onto for 8 years for a special ritual that I planned out. It is in the shape of a monk and has a couple Celtic runes that I carved into his belt. I don’t remember the specific intent I originally charged it with just that it was meant to finalize something that has been going on; it’s such a long and confusing story I can’t really explain it, but I just knew it was time to finally burn him.

Anyway he visually and very vividly took the form of a cat in broad light in clear vision and held this state until I looked away and refocused. Twice it has done this the first time it caught my eye by surprise thinking it was the actual cat; that I was paranoid was going to knock him over.

Also to note the flame has been burning steady blue fairly dim, but solid without dancing very firmly still almost unreal no flicker at all just holding solid shape. Also the flame seems to magnetize or reach out to my finger when I place it near in a trance state and when I first lit it there was a strong Halo and a beam that shined on me following where ever I moved in the room making visual connection all the way from flame to my body.
At one point the flame split into two distinctly separate flames a sphere on bottom and a cone above. Also it has made a few bursts in brightness without ever flickering still though just growing then slowly dimming again.

Tonight several times now it has done this in the darkness and creates an illumination on the ceiling and both walls (it’s in the corner of the room) and a shadow figure behind the candle in-between the three points of light. It has also done some other quite strange things visually that I can’t quite explain.

Does anyone have any idea who this spirit may be?

After writing:

The flame grew and began flickering and the light started pulsating while the shadow figure danced and warped with the beat.

What type of work were you doing? What spirits have you been working with? Who did it feel like? I’m afraid it’s hard to judge from a distance. A lot of times people will chime in with sounds like x or y or z or sometimes you’ll get severe possible answers from this community.

It might fit or it might not. Use your gut if you get those types of answers. It’ll feel right or it won’t.

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@Keteriya like I said the entire story is way too confusing to explain. There is some multi-level dimensional stuff going on. I’ll try to sum it up, but it is going to sound crazy either way.

So basically I had bought a million Bitcoin and a hoodoo cult that I had major problems with plotted a conspiracy to steal them. There was a lot more going on too, but I can’t get into it all. Anyway I had envoked Morrigan after burning and smoking a potpourri of resins and oils until the room was engulfed in smoke and in a hazy trance she appeared visually and very vividly in all three of her forms. This was done in a special ceremony in an attempt to control my own fate and reveal my true destiny.

The way it was supposed to work was afterwards to speak to someone about my future plans and anything that would be told in the conversation would manifest into reality.

So that is what I did, but the person I made conversation with had contact with my enemies over Facebook and treated the whole thing like a joke and seriously fucked everything up bad…

Anyway everything said during that conversation has been occuring over the last twelve years (this contagion was even a part of it) and they got their hands on the Bitcoin last March. Of course everyone thinks I’m crazy even though literally everything has come to pass of the ill fortune thus far, but try to explain that to people… Doesn’t work…

I can’t explain everything it’s too much and I can’t keep track anymore, but I remember running back and preparing this candle as a backup in case things swayed too far against me. It was like a psychic game of chess and I have been watching all the moves play out. I just had a feeling it was time to light the candle and hope it will restore my good intent that was warped by the opposing party at play.

shrugs. I wouldn’t worry so much about who believes and who doesn’t. I just asked for more information because the answer of who was with you might lay within the rest of the information. I personally don’t feel a strong yeah it was x or y or z unfortunately to guide you.

You sound experienced enough however, that you could attempt another ritual for the purpose of calling forth and asking whoever it was for their identity, or you could try one of the various diving techniques.

Right normally, but the problem here was that the ritual was supposed to manifest the conversation into reality. So I tried guiding it toward positive and constructive outcomes. I thought I’d chosen a random enough person to achieve this smoothly, but she contacted my enemies and they tried dominating the story and she herself threw a ton of screwballs into it as well as relay their baneful intent against me and others as well.

I managed to deflect or work around most of their manipulation, but when I try to warn others of what is going on or about to happen. They don’t believe me and once the event does occur they become suspicious I had something to do with it…

The thing is I know that this spell worked and has been causing a lot of chaos both in my life and the world itself as well and goes way up there. I mean it’s big the Illuminati is involved and there have been things going on which were willed that are beyond insane and coincidence… It’s a mess…

I don’t remember what this candle was supposed to do or how it’s going to help, but I lit it finally…

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