Candle charging

Hi a proper beginner question.
How do you charge a candle???

I can charge sigils
people say charge the candle but how do i do this???

do i lool at a sigil and charge that then move my vision to the candle flame???

many thanks

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Usually when a spell is talking about charging a candle, it means pushing energy from yourself into the candle, and then lighting it to release that energy.

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ooohhh ok.

push the energy of what you desire???

then stare in flame and do the same???

And the confusing one. blow out candle, let it burn? or pinch out flame?

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No, you don’t stare at the flame. You push the energy into the candle and then you light the candle to release it. You don’t do anything with the flame itself. It is the charging of the candle and the burning of it that does the magick.

As for the energy you push into the candle, it will depend on what spell you are doing. You can imprint a candle with any kind of energy you need to, especially that of emotions. In EA’s OAA Discourses, he has you charge candles of a variety of colours with the emotions related to those colours, and In the book 7 Occult Money Rituals, the first spell has you imprint a candle with the emotional feeling of ease related to wealth.

As for blowing it out or not, it all depends on the spell and the system you are using. In EA’s book Works of Darkness, he has you blow out the candle and breathe in the smoke, but his candle spells don’t require charging the candle first. Instead, he has you stare at the flame and visualize your desire. When you charge the candle with energy, however, it is probably best to either pinch it out or snuff it out since it is the energy in the candle being released by the flame that is doing the magick.


thank you guys.

great help

has cleared up alot


You should cleanse the candle first, then charge it.

Visualize the energy going from you into the candle