Can you work the Qliphoth without developed psychic senses?

The title says it.
I have sort of developed clairaudience althou it sounds just like my internal dialogue but I found that isn’t the case and im not “trippin”


From my experience, work with the Qliphoth is a long way pursuit.
For starting this demanding long-term magical practise some basic psychic skills are enough.
If your approach is serious and you have a strong self-discipline your psychic skills will enhance rapidly.
What I find that is more important is to do a lot of research and before you start any workings.
Working with the Qliphoth should be very rewarding in every possible way, but it goes with experiences you may find to be quite difficult.
I don’t want to discourage you, on the contrary. Take it as a little clarification.

Good luck!


Thanks! I’m going to order the Asenath Masons or Thomas Karlsons book on Qliphoth.
Which do you think would be better?


I would be glad to help you, but it’s up to you only.
As far as I know, both authors are legitimate and well known magicians in the occult communities.


Hi there,

The Qliphoth is definitely a path you need to study at least the basics before you even try to commune with the Tree’s worlds effectively (both the shells and tunnels). A lot of the people who travel the path have either great spiritual sight or can dream lucidly. But what is most important is communion; the ability to gain insight from the spirits by summoning thier presence.

Asenath Mason’s (and by extension most ToAF) works utilize both astral sight and dreams to induce visions. I think it would also be helpful to study a little Draconian magic before you even attempt Mason’s or Karlsson’s systems because both authors are heavily influenced by Draconian magic and lore (in fact Mason was a member of Karlsson’s temple before she founded her own), but Draconian magic is not a requirement. Recently I’ve been reading “Qliphothic Wor(L)ds” by Cort Williams, who takes a more “mystic adversarial Satanic-Luciferian” approach and focuses on the tunnels to a degree most works I’ve read on the Qliphoth overlook. It’s also a little more financially manageable to purchase. Daemon Barzai is also a decent author on the subject although be aware that his English translation of books are not always the best. I found his published insights on the Qliphoth to be rather helpful, nonetheless.

In general I recommend ToAF’s Qliphoth anthology and Cort William’s book if you want to explore the tree fully. Study before doing anything. In the meantime, meditate or do dreamstate exercises at the least. Hope I was of help.


It was, thanks. I didn’t order any of those books. I ordered Rites of Lucifer and the Draconic ritual book. I think its better to go thru them first.


I agree with your opinion. Cort Williams is connected to a Current of Gnostic Luciferianism ( Current 218).

I’ll say yes and no. You can of course begin your work with them having developed a base for you to lean against. However it’s more rewarding according to me to have developed them beforehand, that way you might not be as hesitant or doubtful as many people would be if they are really hearing/seeing something.

However as long as your will and resolve is strong are willing to put in the work, go for it, although it’a not easy I am about to enter Gamaliel now and the journey there has been nothing but a very bumpy and loopy ride.

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