Can you turn into a succubus or incubus?

So if u were to ask to be turned into a incubus or succubus just like your soultie or counterpart. Is it allowed in their realm and is it possible?

soultie? counterpart? explain this part.

however, yes Lilith and her sisters are capable of altering the soul into that of one of their succubus/incubus.


Well for some with these spirits its counterparts but for me his my soultie by all means he’s been a generational inheritance

How will it take Long ?if u know?

I see.

how long it takes depends on what either of the sisters tell you, I’ve witnessed a handful of transmutations myself and most of them were done on practitioners who were well into their path and understanding their energy system so it seemed as though it took 1-3 physical days for their energy body to adjust to the change.

However, again it’s whatever the sisters may tell you.


Ive been with him for 6 yrs well 6 yrs that iv noticed him but i belive his been here for all my life …sinces his IS a family inheritance after all :slightly_smiling_face:

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Okay thx.

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Oh and one last thing is it even a thing …to feel if ur incubus has left or untie himself or herself from u

if it’s a soul bond and youre sensitive to the link between you than yes you’d feel it


I ask bc just recently told me he found someone else named casey and that the reason he left me for her is bc she is more compassionate…and i dont see why ans how bc i did everything for him like no CAP? Like i can’t even type everything

Okie bc i dont feel it

I also meet his master or his comander and which is a demon with yellow eyes srry if this if this off topic lol

youre fine, it’s your topic.

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Lilith is very picky about who she works with so, try working with her and go from there

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Sweet Okie

No human beings can’t turn into succubus or incubus, never. After death neighter.

Usually when you don’t know the answer to a question you don’t comment :grimacing:

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Im a human succubus. But I was born that way. I was born right before a new moon. I am a child of Lilith’s. Some are born and some are made later in life if she chooses to allow it.

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Omg thats cool and thx for all of ur or info for me and all ik from my mom is that when i was born Jesus held me in his hands and that i was born at 7:15 pm lol so me and u both have something sorts in common ig

Did u mean can or can’t lol srry but u kind have me a bit confused there?

Just making sure