Can you physically manifest hellfire

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oh come on?


That being said, I mean… Probably not? I’d assume if there was anyone who could really move or create fire with their mind, they’d keep it to themselves at the risk of being dissected by the military to see how their insides tick :wink:

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@anon59886753 I see you one patron and raise you one :fire: habanero vodka :fire:

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Well this could be a meaningful debate if we take into account scholarly transits and pathways, and the actual concepts of reality. What is seeing? We perceive a collective 1/2 of 1 percent of all reality. We only visualize 1/8 of 1 percent of of reality and solidify its sanity and authentic ‘realness’, as a group collective. What we are daily seeing, it’s only real because we made it real. Frequency, sound, deep gnosis all affect what we see. We are told to become self-hypnosist and mentalist, therefore thencollect thinks not, so its not real What if we are put to sleep and ony see surface or glamoured visions of what a lulled society of people, manifesting only programmed snipets of reality, and those with higher goals and perception provide us with. Maybe that hellfire is as real as the car you drive, and we don’t see it and/or it doesn’t gaze or meet us at our understanding of visual realization until we get on a vibration tuned in purified or capable of manifesting it visually. Just a thought.



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Popeye’s chicken is the shiznit @anon59886753


That’s all fine and well, and I agree fully with your analysis. However, I feel they were asking about manifesting it into this physical reality - what are your opinions on that? :slight_smile:

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I’m having a hard time understanding your meaning. Do you mean the constantly burning fires of hell that cannot be extinguished by mortal men? Or do you mean can a person connect with it on that level and manifest fire?

To answer your question, yes someone can generate smoke through friction which will eventually become flames in the mouth. This is a technique called “Fire Breathing.” It’s not easy and takes decades of practice. The farthest most people I know have gotten is a ball of smoke. The farthest I have ever gotten was a ball of smoke and feeling my tongue hurt really bad. So I can only imagine how much work goes into it without a catalyst or trigger.

As far as the previously mentioned inextinguishable flames of hell… No. That is a metaphor for the free will of man and your own manipulation of it. At least from my own personal views.

Well, the physical manifestation is occurring we’re just not seeing it. The possibility of that being the true case is what I was hypothesizing and debating.
Maybe Quantum elements come in to play? It’s only physically manifesting in one simultaed occuring reality, and if you don’t put that movie in your internal playback loop, then you here it can’t and won’t ever be true or possible.
I’m just throwing out ideas here folks, the more I learn the more I learn, the more i embrace my utter ignorance. Could lead to brilliance, ir a Darwin award.
Furthermore maybe that’s the point. Because creation destroys all possibilities of what something in its barebone conscious essence could have been. It can physically manifest, and it also cannot physically manifest, depending on what being and vibration you are at that current time.

Simulated realities, collapsing and collecting versions so similair we don’t notice if we don’t got to the source code and view all the simulated realities, that can and can’t be all at once. Infinity isn’t the same quantitative number. Some numerical infinities are bigger and vary by an entire cosmos producing something as easily missed as, only one leaf turning red instead of yellow, as fall sets in. So much evidence says is can’t truly manifest, if you only play in that simulation perhaps.
Meh, gonna get some carnitas. Real for me in the now, and that’s a good start.

Think of realness of limitations and plausibility as spiderwebs. Unique like fingerprints, genetics of spiders are all the same, but they create their own web, and ensnares anything that comes in contact, and makes it part of it’s reality, but they are all slighty varied. Gaseous elemental states would call the web a false reality, as it can’t be ensnared, but solid states of mass, like a fly would say, bro I’m stuck, and this is as real as it gets.

As in light something on fire using magic? Yes, a friend of a friend did this to an enemy of theirs.