Can you make a deal with the dom book

My main question is, can you make a one-on-one deal with a demon using the simple demons of the magic book?

An exemplary person summoned the astraoth and invited this spirit using the ritual 2 or 3 system. Is it possible to reach a lasting agreement by speaking in this spirit?

If you mean, can you make a pact using the summoning techniques in Gordon Winterfield’s book Demons of Magick, the answer is yes.

Gordon Winterfield states in his chapter on Full Evocation that an ongoing understanding, a pact of sorts, can be broached. I like to think of it as an alliance.


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i.e. does a demon have the power to refuse a treaty i.e., astaroth can refuse a covenant that binds one to another?

Yes, a spirit can refuse a pact. That is why a true pact requires communication. It is a two-way agreement.