Can you help me? What's going on?

It all started on Wednesday. I was trying to sleep, and my cat didn’t leave my bedside table, looking with wide eyes at my wall. I felt a presence, and I told my friend; she sended me a “uncrossing ritual to banish”, because my cat wouldn’t stop staring and making stranges noises. I didn’t do the ritual, because I found a big bug in the morning after that night, and I assumed it was everyting fine, and I was just paranoic.
But then, this happened. Last night I was in bed (as usual) trying to sleep; it was like 1am/ 2am I guess, and I was listening to a podcast, because I couldn’t sleep. Then, I closed my eyes and I felt like sleeping. That was okay… but then I woke up feeling someone laying on me, I felt a warm body on mine. My cat always sleeps with me every night, all the time on the bottom of my bed beside my feet, but he was at my bedside table, looking at me. I got scared and I texted my friend. I had this cold - warm sensation on my chest, and I felt my head a little bit heavy. I kinda ignored it, and I tried to sleep again watching some video on youtube. That’s the creepy shit. I closed my eyes to sleep, and I had a strange vision of a shadow hand grabbing my forehead, covering up all my eyes, and pushing me to the wall, till I was bleeding. I opened immediately my eyes, feeling my head warm… Like blood. But obvious, it wasn’t any blood. What should I do? Please, I’m scared with only the thought that I gotta sleep tonight, in the same bed, I only slept 4 hours because of this.

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Try to find anyone experienced on the astral realms. I were stalked and molested by demons and a shamanic friend helped me very good.
She protects me. I had no good results with banishing but with this ‘astral worker’.