Can you have children with your incubus or succubus? How does it work?

Hello everyone, as you know I have been studying incubi, succubi and the peculiarities of these entities for a long time.

I would like to know what you know about this subject, if you have experience and what is your opinion about it. It is a field in which I have no experience beyond some theory, and I am gathering information.

Is it possible to have children with them? Astral children or physical children through another human? What are the implications on the spiritual plane? How does that affect the practicing magician? Do any of you have experience?

Thank you all!

I think it’s possible, maybe by merging energies, though the children will remain spirits

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I have always read that the lilitu are usually very interested in having children on earth. But I don’t know to what extent it is a legend and how many practical cases exist around here.

I know this will sound insane but I have been told that my primary familiar (a succubus) is actually the spirit child of a friend of mine.


I find it very interesting. We really don’t have much knowledge of what happens on the other side, so many times I hear stories similar to yours and I think they are very curious. Also many incubi and succubi are young souls.

I assume they must be younger than you, right?