Can you go to your astral temple and see while your eyes are open?

I ask because I want to do rituals in my astral temple, the only problem, I’m terrible at memorizing things. So I usually need instructions for a ritual on my hand to read. As I’ve said many times, I can’t do rituals in my house cause mother dearest is a devout Christian. So my best bet is using my astral temple. So yeah, as the topic thing stated, can one go to their astral temple and see everything in it with your eyes open?


Can you visualise with your eyes open?

The answer is yes, you can.

Remember, it is all in your head, and your mind is fully capable of tricking your eyes.


So kinda like the time I was doing a guided meditation to another realm and instead of closing my eyes I just walked with my eyes open by I still saw what the realm looked like. Cool, now I can join in on the big ritual that’s going on here! Perfect!