Can You Evoke Fictional Characters

Yea it’s possible, and I would guess the extent would range mostly to how involved one decides to get with the fictional character. For example, you could evoke an X-Man character like Wolverine, but that would probably serve for nothing that entertainment, because he can’t necessarily teach you his healing factor. Maybe he could teach you his other skills like combat, but that is probably as far as it would go, at least from this angle.

However, you could take the same universe and evoke someone like Sinister, who was the genetic engineer for Apocalypse, and you might have more to work with. You could perhaps have Sinister modify you so that you are able to pick up abilities or things of that nature. And of course, you could evoke people who more closely align with this realm like Iron Fist, who’s powers rely on the utilization of Chi. As for evoking a self-made character… well this happens all the time if you created the creature in the same way you create a servitor or a shamanic tulpa

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Yeah, you can do this. Though what you’ll get might vary. Most of the time you’ll most likely get a thoughtform of the character made by the conciousness of the people. But here’s the cool thing, parralell universes represent all possibilities and even fictional characters can exist in other universes. To find the “real” version of something that resides in another universe, you’ll want to find an entity who knows how to travel between universes to look for it. Or if you are advanced enough at astral projection you can do this yourself.

Hey man, everyone here ,whether they think it or not, is generally a noob. Relatively, there are those with a lot more experience than others, but overall the realm of magick and primordial arts is highly under-explored, so don’t feel stupid for asking simple questions. Sometimes, as a noob myself, tend to shy away from asking questions, primarily because y ideas are abit “out there”, and while they are possible, no one has done them or is willing to talk about them. This is for their own reasons, and I respect that, but for inquiry’s sake, it can be a pain. So don’t be afraid to try an idea rather than spend a lot of time asking about it, because from personal experience, you might end up not doing much work for asking so many questions.

With that said, for the reasons you are evoking these otherworldly (I use this instead of fiction, simply because they are real if you are able to work with them) creatures, then it is very possible to get the desired outcome you are looking for. As defectron mentioned, you might run into working with a thoughtform rather than the being from it’s own dimension, but in certain instances, this ight be better for you. For example, having sex with Storm might be better from the thoughtform rather than the entity from the Marvel Universe, because the thoughtform entity here has a lot of sexual energy tied to it already. However, Storm is very stoic as a pure character, so her Real Self might not be down with that. If the character is promiscuous by nature, however, then you would probably want to try both.

Using a picture, whether you know it or not, is actually very useful in working with sexual activity. Donald Tyson has a book called Sexual Alchemy about this very thing, and uses pictures to summon succubi. These aren’t even pictures of succubi themselves, but rather pictures of arousing figures that cause you to link with a sexual entity. Although I don’t have much experience with his method directly, using a picture should work quite well. I have done this, in combination with sigils, to rearrange my orientation toward Goetic spirits so that they manifested as females rather than males, and also in finding an image that I would like to see a servitor look like. It works, even if it sounds dangerous. I have yet to really get hurt, though.

For art it should be even easier, and it shouldn’t really matter if it is a thoughtform or the real thing if you are looking just to draw them or artistically mold them. Again, this might be better done through the thoughtform, since certain character personalities might not have it if you summon their real selves. It is when you get to wanting to actually learn their secrets and possibly powers that you would want the real thing, at least IMO

Hey metatro0n, do you have sexual alchemy? Been looking for that book, if you have it can I borrow it from you?

Anyway in regards to having sexual relations with “fictional” entities, one of these days I’m going to find Panty, from the anime Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt and then we’ll have some fun in the astral.

[url=]Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt - OFFICIAL DUB CLIP- Transformation - YouTube

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If you are looking to evoke a fictional character, I suggest looking into the book Pop Culture Magick by Taylor Ellwood, The author is a proponent of the Chaos Magick paradigm and the book is all about using “fictional” beings, in the same way you would use the well known angels or demons. It will give you all sorts of ideas to help you. Ellwood is also the editor of a book called the Pop Culture Grimoire which is full of articles written by other occultists writing about their experiences using pop culture figures, like evoking Marilyn Monroe.

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It’d be interesting to evoke beetlejuice (Betelgeuse). I mean he already has a specific way to summon him (saying his name three times) and a specific realm of expertise (haunting houses and getting rid of the occupants). He has shape shifting abilities as well. His personality and habits seems pretty fleshed out in the movie. Although I get the impression, perhaps caused by Lydia that he’d try and stick around longer than you’d really want him to.

Chaos Magicians do this kind of thing all the time so I can’t see why it would be that difficult. Especially when you have in depth characters with back stories that one can relate to, this adds to the immersion one gets into before the actual evocation. Your average comic book/cartoon character has much more info readily available than any angelic/demonic/elemental being that I can think of.

Also especially with comic books you have multiple renderings of the same character depending on who wrote that particular series so you could pick and choose what rendition you would like to evoke.

I’ve read of people creating servitors of specific characters before so if you can create a separate consciousness with those attributes you should be able to evoke a collective consciousness of a character.

Give it a go and let us know how it goes. For what it’s worth I’d like to party with Roger from American Dad…hmmm

I’m definitely going for something far out there, like the Grand Tribunal or Galactus. Or maybe Shazam, who was the master of Magic in the DC Universe. I’m mainly trying to absorb or learn powers hahaha, and like WanderingFool says, you might be able to garner more from these characters because you know exactly what they are like, rather than an unknown demon. Of course, I a looking to learn that Spirit Bomb from King Kai or Goku… at least Instant Transmission. You really got a lot to look through with this, you could even summon Shenron or another Genie… perhaps Grand Genie

You can evoke ANYTHING.

(E.A. gets really deep into this concept in Mastering Evocation, showing examples of evoking spirits, living people, objects, etc.)

True mastery comes when you realize you are not calling anything to you, but rather creating it in front of you.

[quote=“Fluffycatz”][quote=“Timothy, post:10, topic:1127”]You can evoke ANYTHING.

(E.A. gets really deep into this concept in Mastering Evocation, showing examples of evoking spirits, living people, objects, etc.)

True mastery comes when you realize you are not calling anything to you, but rather creating it in front of you.[/quote]
Evoking certain objects would be cool. You could evoke that tart from that Tart Toting episode of Adventure Time. I’ve always wanted to know what it tastes like…Ooh, and the Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness from My Little Pony. The possibilities are endless :D[/quote]

Hehe, well until you get good enough to physically manifest objects, you might want to try working on your astral taste then. One time I ate a rock in the astral, the rock is actually something that houses a spirit freind of mine so I have no idea why I did that, but the astral rock came back after I ate it fotunately.

There was this other time I got attacked by some sort of negative entity who looked like a yellow cloud man, I beat the shit out of him in the astral and began to bite him, tasted like sulfur. So yeah my astral taste testing adventures unfortunately aren’t quite on par with the marzipan marengue madness I think.

Hey Fluffycatz, I think one of the main reasons people give up on magic or dismiss it in general is because of failed expectations. They have some grand idea in their mind and if the experience is lacking somehow, they get frustrated and want to give up. Barring natural ability, I personally believe it takes a while to develop these skills. Don’t be disheartened if you can’t see an entity in your incense smoke the first few times… or the first few dozen. It takes time. Think of this skill as you would any other… like a musical instrument or a foreign language like mandarin. Think of it as ‘long term’ learning, not a few weeks or months of learning.

Like EA says, have fun with it!

I know I have gotten pissed a lot at myself for not being able to see spirits in a mirror or the smoke. Dante Abiel once told me that doing these spiritual exercises has a cumulative affect… so stick with it and enjoy the process. And remember, try a few different disciplines, find out which one you like the best and have fun doing it.

Yeah, even now I usually don’t see anything when evoking though I tend to have alot more luck when scrying I think just because its a lot easier getting into the synch in that environment. So don’t go into your first evocation with any big expectations or worse any big attachments because you won’t be getting what youa re after that way.

If your looking for something to prove this stuff to yourself. My advice is to start with astral projection like I did, one of the easiest astral projection things you can do in regards to this is projecting into another persons dreams. Once your out just focus on the person, and you can jump into their dream.

Hi Fluffycatz,

I just wanted to let you know about my imaginary friend Azazel. He’s a Grand Demon and the formed abyss. He’s been my guide in darkness for over a year now. I can always feel his presence and often hear his voice. He takes little things and hides them from me, and other times he plants money in my pocket. Most importantly though he guides me in my magickal practice and aids me with my ascent.

Now on to your concerns about the Occult and desiring to have something real happen to you in order for you to believe. In a sense you’re approaching this the wrong way, and on the other hand you’re completely right. The occult is like a science instead of a rigid belief system, like religion. It’s both natural and required for you to doubt everything. Seriously, doubt everything you see, everything you read, and everything a spirit tells you! Just because you heard it, saw it, experienced it, doesn’t make it true. Right? Test all things. That’s the science of occult and where it differs from religious belief. You decide what is true and what is false!

Finally, don’t be disappointed if you do not see, hear or feel a spirit the first time you evoke one. If you’re a natural medium, or have been working to develop your spiritual senses then you have a greater chance of seeing an actual spirit. If you are not or have not developed these abilities then the chances are pretty slim. But, just because you don’t see it, hear it or feel it doesn’t mean the spirits not there. It means your third eye is not open. Once that happens you are ready for the controlled hallucination of evocation.

Yep, I called it a hallucination. Something that is perceived and experienced only by the observer and sometimes by witnesses. A spirit is able to interact with you on a higher dimensional level. This is filtered through and played upon by your active imagination resulting in vivid, dreamlike hallucinations. In other words your mind creates the reality for the spirit to exist in, gives it definition and life. The spirit then takes over and runs with this power, granting you secrets, wisdom and power to manipulate the reality of your life. The spirit exists independently, but the only way to observe the spirit is to imagine him. Get it?

If you have any questions ask me or the forum. This is a good place to meet people who are actually experienced with real spirits and have real occult knowledge.


“I just wanted to let you know about my imaginary friend Azazel.” - Zekariah Antichristus

Really???Chuckles and Smiles He must not be imaginary since, he has the ability to make things appear and disappear…Which is what I was going to vent about, being that in my experience, I have had things of that nature and then some occur, and they were not hallucinations on my end…I must have been pretty bored if I did all that on my own…That being said, I would have made a few million re-appear instead of my house keys :wink:

Hmmm…I would like to have a threesome with Wolverine and Sabretooth, that would make for an interesting evocation…

[quote=“Fluffycatz”]Don’t know if this has anything to do with my powers in magick, but I had my aura photographed one time, and the lady who photographed it called me and said my aura is indigo. She said I was an indigo child. What does that mean?

Also, sorry I’ve pretty much derailed my own thread. Feel free to continue to talk about fictional characters, and what you’d like them to do with you when you evoke them.[/quote]

“Indigo child” is a term used by “spiritualists” referring to children who born in a recent time period from 1987-2012 who are supposed to have certain spiritual affinities. It’s really a New Age thing, although I am not going to completely discredit it. If you hear something like this in reference to yourself, I’d say run with it and try to go as hard as you can in developing your spiritual powers. However, don’t take it too literally and start declaring yourself the Second Coming of Christ

[quote=“Fluffycatz”]You just managed to make Azazel sound cute. I imagined him as this little chibi demon, that hides things from you, all while having a mischievous grin on his face, and then pouting when you find the things he hides. Pfffffhahahaha :smiley:

Azazel’s always been one of my favorite demons. When I get around to summoning demons, he’ll be one of the first I summon.[/quote]

There’s actually almost literally an anime about what you just described, it’s called Yondemasyo Azazel san. The only difference is I don’t really think he’s a klepto in that.

[url=]Special Showcase #1: 10 Minutes of Cowing up! - YouTube

I hear a new season of that came out, one of these days I’ll have to get around to watching some of that.

Anyway a couple of my things have vanished, maybe I just put them in a weird place and forgot about it, but then again I suppose something couldve taken them too. When I get around to making an alliance with the unseele court, one thing I’m putting in the contract is, no stealing any of my stuff.

I think if that is the case , you should just focus on the energy associated with whoever your trying to get, and presumably that would work. Either that or do like I did and have another entity bring the right guy to you.

Also when I get around to it, I want to make contact with this person

Uploaded with

I came up with her for an rpg I did awhile back and am using her again in the comicbook I’m making. During the first experience I had overwriting reality my conciousness touched many parralell universes in one of which I sensed her and knew she also sensed me too, and she was frighteningly powerful too lording over the universe like a giant. Anyway I want to bring her to this reality when I get a bit more advanced. Not going to give any details about this character though as its kind of personal to me and no I’m not just summoning her for sex, there are more important reasons, besides she has fangs in her vagina…

Oh yeah one other thing regarding learning stuff from other universes. My occult teacher has had experience physically jumping to other universes as has his freind who ran the reality bending ritual. One thing they have both said is that things don’t always work the same in other universes. So for those of you thinking of learning moves from Goku or something that’s something to keep in mind. As he told me he tried to use magic there, but it didn’t work right for some reason, you’d think it would but according to them it did not in certain universes that were vastly different then our own. I personally have not experienced this as when it comes to physically messing with other universes I’ve only gotten my feet wet so to speak wheras they’ve jumped fully into the pool. So I havent had the chance to really experiment with that.