Can you do a pact with another entity that opposes the spirit you currently have a pact with?

Like if I did one with Yahweh but also want to do one with Lucifer?

Are there rules to doing pacts with different spirits?

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Why would you want to do one with Yahweh?


I was actually thinking about this ages ago. Like what if you did a pact with Zepar to get a girl (Zepar makes them infertile as a side effect) could you then make a pact with say Lilith for her to become fertile again?

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You could, but it wouldn’t end well.

The thing with pacts is, they are usually for long term things, like teaching and knowledge. When you enter a pact, you are giving yourself to that spirit for the allotted time.

Why would you want to waste your time, and even worse, that of the spirit, essentially cancelling out everything you are doing?

You could do a pact with Yahweh, then Lucifer, or vice versa, but not at the same time. Some energies just don’t mesh.

Some energies do go well together, so you could do simultaneous pacts with Azazel and Belial, for example, but not opposite polarities.


I could be totally wrong here but I have a feeling you may want people to tell you “Nah bro just summon them it’s all in your mind.”

I am not stating this as a harsh putdown - a lot of people feel that way. :+1:

if you want to walk that route, you need to study chaos magick, and not go off half-assed on the Goetia system, or some others.

Read this, it’s a good overview, see how it sits with you - you can always study different systems later:

Psychonaut Field Manual - free chaos mage primer.

Again, not stating this as a putdown, just that things like this are very influential as ideas.


I remember one video ea talked about calling down two Lwa that are enemies and always fighting and his life turned to shit soon after until his mentor told him I’m surprised you’re not dead. So think about that. It’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes and go out and find brand new ways to fuck up instead of repeating the same shit.


I probably took it out of context. I was thinking more of if as a result of doing a working with one entity that there was an unwanted side effect that wasn’t directly asked for (like infertility) could you then work with someone else to fix that side effect which has no bearing on the other working?

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That’s what doctors do, “Take this pill, now take this one for the side effects, and this inhaler for the side effects of the 2nd pill…” On and on.

If you want a girl you need to get her Higher Self enthused and then use simple spells.


I used that as a simple example but it does relate to other things as well.

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YHVH vs Lucifer? Is that a serious question? You’ll be sorely disappointed by the lack of enthusiasm from either party. You could, in theory, invoke opposing forces; but for a real pact you’ll need to be dedicated to one or the other… In my humble opinion… Would you work with your enemy for a person who didn’t have enough respect not to call your enemy up and host the two of you for a business contract? It doesn’t make sense does it? Spirits aren’t unlike humans in that regard, and respect and common sense go a long way


Yeah, was just giving that as an examople - do it ONCE, do it RIGHT is usually my motto.

It worked for John Constantine.

IRL there would be repercussions, though. Spirits don’t like to be screwed with.

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I think if you were a person who went into stuff well and then found out later you screwed up because of some side effect you didn’t even know about because it was only in some of the reading you might want to be able to do something like that.


Technically you can have pacts with opposed entities, but you gotta be careful that the two pacts don’t interfere with each other and that the spirits both know you are working with both of them and they don’t mind.


It’s an interesting question, @Shadowmage. I don’t know if Lilith could reverse the work of another demon if they are of a similar current. Wouldn’t an angel, like Raphael be a better option? Being of an opposite polarity, his energies might be bet suited to cancel the side effect of the demon.

I had a tooth situation and wondered why the Raphael mantra wasn’t helping @Lady_Eva “saw” that the issue was caused by Michael stabbing through my jaw with a spear to pin some kind of worm to the Earth and the Raphael mantra wasn’t helping because Michael is of the same polarity.

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Thank you! I will check that out!!!

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