Can you describe/draw what entities look like?

Can you do what the title says? you don’t have to if you don’t want to. the reason I’m asking is that I would like to know what I should expect for the first time I see an entity. any entity you want. also, you could describe what their presence feels like(same reason).





This is how they look to me, but they take on different looks for each Magician. Of course some similarities are there for everyone too, it just depends on what you can handle.


dang, cant wait

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There is another thread somewhere where people said what spirits looked like to them I have no idea what it was called tho

My best advice is not to expect anything. They not only appear different to each magician, but they can and will switch forms. To convey anything from their core nature, their mood, to anything else you can think of.


I’ve seen a “shadow person” which was a degenerated, emaciated, very dark human figure that got more emaciated and decayed the closer it got to me. Scary vibe. Another was a tiger-ish looking head coming through some kind of portal, just kind of hanging in the air, it felt charged but neutral. Another was just a simple skeleton. Another was a thin female figure, with a green bird’s head and human body, very comforting and strong vibe.

I’m just dropping a sketch of how I saw Sekhmet the night she healed me (yes I know it looks a lot like Bast but I truely think this is Sekhmet of the Black Sun).