Can you counter a divination?

I’ve been using coin flips to divine some stuff, but it got a bit depressing. Like:
“Will I get married” Tails
“Will I die young” Heads
“Will I die before 30” Heads
“At 29” Tails
“At 28” Heads
“Will I kill myself” Heads
“Can I change the future” Tails
“Can I change my future” Tails
along with a bunch of other confirming throws about the weather and tomorrow. So, the question is, how immutable is it really? Especially considering that the avenues out of the situation I had planned all seem like dead-ends (according to my divination).

All divination does is show the most probable future; in other words, what has the greatest chance of happening if no actions are taken.

No matter how negative a reading, it is NEVER immutable.

Personally, I question the usefulness and accuracy of coin divination.


I find tarot or rune divination to be way more helpful, however. I find it also advisable to not go for relationship readings, not because in eventually becomes a self fulfilling prophecy where if it says it won’t last or it will go down a ‘bad’ path etc you’ll basically end up paranoid in an attempt to avoid it but you’ll eventually be the cause of it.


Agreed, I prefer pendulums but even that isn’t always reliable.

Try asking questions that aren’t backed by fears. Or ask for signs/ symbols. Certain numbers, certain animals etc.
In my opinion divination is like showing one path but you have freewill so that path can always change.
Everyone told my friend he would be with his soulmate by age 30.
So he treated every girl like ‘this has to be it’
Now at 33 he’s with a girl he actually loves and feels a deeper connection to.
Some people here offer free oracle/ tarot readings every now and then, why not let an uninvolved observer shed some light :slight_smile:


I had a similar experience, was told I’d find someone around september of last year and I ended up meeting the person August 18th of last year lol.

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I wouldnt use coins for divination. Try tarot or something like that. Also, why even ask questions such as when will i die and how will i die and stuff cuz its better just to focus on living in the here and now. Enjoy life and dont worry so much about the future. :slightly_smiling_face: hope this helps


“Apply Pyromancy. If you do not like the outcome, burn it and start again.”

On a serious note, I am a fan of Geomancy.
John Michael Greer, a noted ArchDruid, Ritual Magician, active Environmentalist/Ecologist, Author and Doomspeaker of our Eco-future and an all-around sweet-bearded lover of esoterica, wrote a book called The Art and Practice of Geomancy. Greer’s study and practice of Geomancy is thorough and worth reading. I highly recommend it, more than flipping coins or even tossing painted rocks. Greer may be a non-Luciferian, non-Demon summoning glowing hippie tree-hugger, but I love most of his work.


Is it still not immutable when it is a medium that does the prediction?


Any prediction is just that, a prediction. It does not mean it’s a certainty. With any sort of divination, interpretation is required, and a good reader will not let their own biases influence what they say, but regardless of the method, the probability is always in flux until the very moment it solidifies.


Divination never worked for me! It only reflects back to me my own inner and sometimes unconscious beliefs!