Can you break or replace a blood pact?

Say I chose to go with an angel or another demon

Possibly but wouldn’t advise breaking a pact.


Breaking a pact is very risky. There can be very bad consequences of it. You can respectfully ask the spirit if they can terminate the pact themselves…but even then there is still a chance of angering them…



Is going with an angel even a possibility

Before doing anything, ASK the being you have a blood pact with. They may have suggestions for other spirits you can work with that would be beneficial to the work you are doing under your pact. And yes, this includes angels. Contrary to the religious view, the majority of angels and demons are not at war, and can and do work together.

If you want out of your pact, again, discuss it with whatever being you initiated the pact with. They may be willing to release you from the agreement in exchange for an offering or sacrifice of some sort.


^ This is correct, Rahael once advised me to work with the demon Marbas on something.

  1. If you have difficulty hearing the spirit in question, but you can sense or feel there presence strongly, how do you go about asking and getting an answer?
  2. What do you do if the tarot cards tell you repeatedly that he/she/it wants to kill you for the breaking of the pact?

1: You would ask and receive the answer in the same way that you did to enter the pact. Whatever method told you that the spirit accepted the pact, would tell you if the spirit is agreeable to ending it.

2: Get an outside opinion. Having a tarot reading by a neutral party would tell you whether or not it is just your own biases and fears acting against you.