Can you become a Lich? Hecate answers

sighecate hecate-wheel-trans1 Here’s Hecate’s primary sigil from Queen of Hell and wheel of Hecate which I think is pretty damn old symbol of hers. I have used both. The Enn that I saw on the internet is “Anana Hecate Ayer”, seems to work fine but intent IS the main working force here…


Thank you. I shall try this


Also, I used the Dukante sigil.

Random post? Why?


I found that too, hope it helps.


source :

That looks very similar to the Norse sigil called the Helm of Awe. :thinking:


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I just added source as I was not sure. Somebody who may decode sigils may help here

I am not sure whether this place is the right place to ask that; but for me especially regarding to Gods of Antiquity (Gods are Gods but I mean worshipped mainly on those period) can possible be summoned also - that is truly a guess- but based on the possible energy invested on that symbols thought the ages and millions of souls, which may lead to strong egregors- on their worshipped picture or symbols. I can’t say I am sure, but I guess worth to try too.

And on the light of that; these are the symbols used for Hecate by Greeks and Romans who worshipped her for ages.


So hum Akal “i am undying” is the words of power for changing between vessles,

to bind the soul after death,
the phylactrium will need to trap the soul into the vessle,
similar to a soul trap or soul gem.