Can you be too open?

I am wondering if you get possessed from a ritual, and you get really absorbed by it can it be unsafe? I find I get possessed very easily and I feel very out of touch.

I am going through the feelings now and it stays sometimes for a few days. Is there any way to control it?


I mean is it safe to leave your front door open in an unknown community? pretty much the same concept.


Yea, guess not. That’s kind of how it feels sometimes.

Yes that can be dangerous, but it can have benefits. You need to have a good hard grip on your own personality, and adopt a certian passive attitude. If you can comtrol yourself physically and keep yourself out of social trouble, great wisdom can be gained from possession.

After all, if you are a strong vessel capable of containing powerful spirits, who possesses who?


Thank you. Actually that is encouraging, and I am glad I brought it up. I feel like something is changing, or trying to happen.

I’ll stop trying to figure it out and just let it be.


You are possessed by your True Self, i.e. Infinite Being. The entity is just one aspect of that but it is also interconnected with everything else, just as your persona is. It is not linear or logical but it is what it is. Rather than attempt to control it, either avoid such rituals or realise that the fear is only a fragment of the whole picture which is beyond any limitation or definition. Another way is to perform an anchoring/balancing/countering ritual using something that appeals to your current belief system, e.g. working with Deities or Angels.

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While you work with “demons” that you can’t trust, you must offset with something that you can or allow yourself a newer understanding of “demon”; one that isn’t plagued by textbook definitions. All beings are made of the Limitless One Consciousness and as such are always infinite in potential. Demons and angels are just two sides of the same coin. Ultimately, the only real solution lies in self-knowledge.


Thank you @987ritual for the way you are explaining things. It is very helpful!!

Is there something you did that made possession easy for you?

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yea @Lop_Pollo , i think over the years a couple of things i had done and keep doing, have made it so that i am more open to the spirit world. the first has been doing sitting meditation, zazen for years. this was for like 10 years now, and i also was doing things to help me to get more in touch with my emotions. it was really uncomfortable for a couple of years, but i felt like i was trying to heal from some trauma.

i think a combination of things made a lot of changes in my inner space. i have a feeling that a spirit wants to have a space to be able to connect with, inside. i dunno if that makes sense but if i was still dealing with lots of the stuff i used to go through, i dont think that i would have been able to sense a spirit either.

i guess it’s important to make them feel welcome, and wait for them.

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