Can you (astrally or etherically) Travel Back in time if you have an object from that time

I was just wondering if such a thing were possible. I have heard rumors that it is possible but I don’t know if they are true or not.

I’ve only gone to a future timeline and it was through journeying and somewhat accidental but.

My understanding is that you don’t need an object from that time, you just need to be able to will yourself there. I’ve seen it advised that you set your intent before attempting to project, something like say it three times or repeat it in your mind periodically as you are doing so.

Given that I can do soul retrieval journeys to a specific person by setting my intent like this: I am going to find xxx and bring back the lost fragments of their soul, I think it’s reasonable to assume you could visit the past this way. I’ve read about that being one of the funniest parts of projecting a few times, so I think you just need to give it try, and understand it may take you a time or to get right.


Astrally yes, it’s the collective unconscious so it allows you to metaphorically travel to the past to view it but you cannot alter it.

Etherically no, because the past here does not exist in the etheric, by that I mean the etheric has it’s own history, going back in time in the etheric again only allows you to view it but not interact and you’d be viewing the etheric’s history.

Astrally, yes, it is possible. But you can’t change anything in your Astral form.

Also, things might appear to have happened (or will happen) differently due to quantum uncertainess and due to the fallibility of your own imagination. You can only observe but not alter anything in your past.

Do you believe some people could unintentionally do this from picking up a historic object in the form of visions upon touching them (accessing information of the past from the collective unconscious through the object)? Or would that be considered another thing entirely?

I ask because I’ve had that happen a few times with equipment used in war and have met a couple others who done so with antique surgical tools.

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You’re basically talking psychometry, right? I would say it most likely is accessing the collective unconscious or astral recording of the event, It would be similar to how remote viewing is looking at the astral correspondence of a specific space in time.


I do believe it’s possible, retrocognition, to look into the past of an object by touch intentionally or unintentionally, astrally wouldn’t change that.

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Ah, thank you both for terms, as it is a bit more specific than my “another odd phenomenon in my life” label lol. It was something I noticed early in my practice that I never quite explored closely, before I knew how to immerse myself into the astral. So I was curious if there was a similiarity with viewing an event in the astral with that particular phenomenon or if it was something separate.

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