Can you ascend alone?

I’m always told that I need some spirit mentor to teach me stuff etc but I’m now strongly opposed to it. They never perform the tasks that I ask them even when I offer them my blood and I’ve had enough now! Besides I’ve always been a solitary and recluse person. I want to be a one woman band and I have no more desire to ever associate with any spirit.

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I don’t really see how it’s possible to know what you don’t know without someone or something illuminating you. If you can do it totally solo, I can almost guarantee you won’t ascend as far as you would if you had a mentor, whether it be human or spirit


Given an infinite amount of time, you could reach the same select arbitrary point that you would with a mentor/teacher/help, etc, if you were dedicated enough to a solo ascent.

What that really means is, is that youll probably be going 1/1000th the speed you would if you had a spiritual mentor, especially one who specializes in ascent.

If you want to do a solo ascent, disavowing all spiritual contacts, get ready for thousands of lives of struggle, confusion, and uncertainty, and a lonely post-ascent existence, as youll have formed no long-term spiritual bonds to speak of during your process of becoming.

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In theory, yes – you’ll need to read books and accept a model of the world that’s in them, what E.A. calls subjective synthesis, in order to place the All (Source, “God” or whatever) which is the consciousness back of, and behind, all things, as the direct underlying consciousness within you.

Please start by finding a PDF of a book called The Kybalion, it’s out of copyright, and read it, it’s pretty short and it will show you a route for this, and once you’re familiar with the core concepts, come back on here and we can talk about implementing them.

You might also want to take a look at this Invocation of My own Inner Divine that I do, it’s a start on energy work that is solely about you drawing your own Divine Power into conscious awareness and action:

If you choose to use any part of that, adapt the words to suit yourself, it’s designed to be amended as your own best judgement dictates. :slight_smile:

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By the way while I agree with the lads above that working alone is going to be difficult, I can absolutely tell you that you can reach this point of having the consciousness of the All within your own mind, and of altering reality with the same ease you’d alter details in a daydream, because I’ve done it - it’s hard to sustain and there are various other factors that encourage me to still work with spirits, BUT using that ability with more focus was the one and only thing that brought me to this forum in the first place, so I have had experience here and am not theorising, or wasting your time.

But you need to read that book, unless like me you want to spend a few decades in clinical depression and nihilistic depair to realise a few simple truths. :wink:


While there are things that you must accomplish alone, having help, a support group, a reference point, is important. Independence is an ideal thing, but as G.W. Bush realized years ago, don’t try to “Go it alone”. :smiley:


I think the self = Self can be done, we know yogis accomomplish this in isolation, and we know the LHP gives people faster routes to that, I’m going to hdge my bets but in theory I know it can be done because you MUST strip all attachments to even get to the point where thought becomes thing, and maybe Lola has the motivation to do it?

It’s just so much nicer when you have spirit chums to give you helpful tips, but if that’s not what’s working here, we’ll go with what we have and make it work. :thumbsup:


It saddens me to hear that you havent had success working with spirits. My life as an occultist didnt even begin until I began practicing spirit contact. If you change your mind about needing a mentor I’d be more than willing to give you counsel regarding your dealings with spirits and help you figure out what the issue is.


One can do some specific works without a “guru” and, in RHP, other specific works without being vigilant about anger, sex… And so on.
Perhaps it’s better to meet a guide (anyway finding good knowledge is a start) but at a later stage the individual could indeed keep in mind that he doesn’t need spirits perceived as different from him/herself: man being a sleeping god, he first must awake and then remember it.


You DON’T need a spirit mentor, or any mentor at all.

You can be your own best mentor…


remember, you are made in the image of God. You are God but on a smaller scale. As Above, So Below.

When you work with spirits, you are using this Godlike power in a very direct way, and taking REAL action towards your Ascent.

The one thing that distinguishes a true magickian from a newb or armchair magickian is that the true magickian will COMMAND existence to give him what he wants - meaning, he won’t be afraid to grab reality by the balls and take what is his by right.

When you work with spirits, you are taking a shortcut towards your Godhood. You CAN reach a point where you can manifest whatever you want without any spirit - but they are already there, and you CAN use that fact to your advantage, because of the fact that you are God made manifest.

So, to summarize - yes, you can work alone, but I honestly don’t see a point in NOT using a massive shortcut available to you.

Plus, it’s more enjoyable :slight_smile:

Also, I’m going by intuition here, but I believe your problem may be that you aren’t tapping into that Divinity inherent in your being. Try doing rituals without anything, just the sigil, and TAP into your Godhood.

Give offerings after you see results manifesting.

A trick that you can use to become aware of your Godhood is to say, before the ritual:


All directed to yourself and your own Godhood.

You can even repeat this anytime you want.

Hope this helps.

P.S It could be that the spirits are just testing you, so no need to give up… whats more… NEVER give up. It can get frustrating, and I’m sure this is just a specific phase for you (a lot of us go through similar shit), but giving up won’t do jack shit.


No one cannot do it alone initially. Reasons why and the Path:

  1. A person who has a magickal nature such as a Shaman or Sorceror is different than a regular human, because their “energy body” is NOT HUMAN, in the sense that they have become something more than normal. I.e. they have worked with Spirits long enough to where they have acquired a certain type of energy that has imprinted on their Soul and their Soul selves have been transformed. This is why Sorcerors/Satanists who have alot of years of experience evoking demons and making relationships with spirits are more powerful than average magicians is because they have more contact with a certain type of energy. So initially when one starts out… one must work with spirits/elementals in order to be indoctrinated into their Energetic Paradigm. Also one acquires their protection during that period so No “going it alone” is not the answer initially.

  2. When working in energetic relationships, one learns how to operate ones soul and manifestations by being an Active Participant (being used, or working for a Spirits Agenda), as well as using others to work for your own agenda. There are many layers of understanding here, but it teaches one about the relationships of entities/energetic interactions in this world.

  3. Going it Alone: This must only be done after you have graduated the prior two modes of spirit interaction. This is because you understand the interaction of entities in this world and you in a Sense can begin to walk the “Lone Path” much like a Monk would.

Lola, my best advice is that you Reconcile yourself with whatever spiritual forces and form a “tighter bond” with the right spirit and work with it for a long time, before going it alone. Otherwise you will just crash and burn…I was meditating upon this last night and I was told “Some will become an Epic Failure as they will make a bad decision.”


You know what, hun?

If you believe you can, then you can - at the end of the day, it always comes down to our Will Power anyway so if you want to give it a try then go for it!

I totally understand that extra little joy that comes with figuring something out for yourself, and to be honest - a lot of magick is very personal anyways, so by all means, you do you…

I suggest you meditate and get in touch with your Higher Self - you would be amazed at the amount of information that is contained in Your very Own Soul, and who else could really be a better person to consult about your life then… well… You??

Know Thyself…

Remember, no matter what - the magick is, always has been and always will be within you anyway - whether its the magick to communicate with and create pacts with various entities, or the magick to connect into the higher consciousness and experience your own epiphanies.

All the best to you :slight_smile:



As far as I’m aware, you can attain ascension on your own, but you have to understand what you are doing for you to be able to do it. Divinations could help.


Thanks for all your replies. I understand that it’s my own choice and that only myself can take the decision… @Lady_Eva this is an interesting book, I’ve even found it in my native language however it is a bit short (92 pages).


Yes, the concepts in it are so simple that they are best handled with a minimum of padding.

My advice is to read it, make notes so that you’re totally taken opn board the concepts, and then come back here and I can start describing how you go from holding this as knowledge, to experiencing the All within.

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